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Member Since 12 Apr 2004
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Topics I've Started

New computer, advice.

04 January 2006 - 09:31 AM

Okay, so I'm a PC user writing music on a fairly decent 2.53GHZ 1gig RAM XP machine. I'm on SBLive, and frankly, recently I've had enough with all of windows and it's problems. I've had high CPU usage, etc. etc. windows bugs, problems everywhere. It's my goal to be able to run as many tracks as possible with GPO, and other samples. Tracks like this will get the cpu to late 70's, or late 80's in the high peak sections. Often I will have to mix down tracks to audio to free up some CPU. So I want to go to a new computer, just for media. (Music/audio production mostly). As a student (16) I don't have a lot to kick around, but I have found this. An AMD Athlon 64 3,200+. What do people think about this pack: http://quay.co.nz/systems/future.htm AMD 64 Future Pack • AMD Athlon 64 3,200+ Compared with my P4 2.53GHZ, 1gig of RAM What sort of CPU use will I get out of this? Will it be a big difference? I plan to upgrade my soundcard to an M-audio card, or maybe an Audigy. I'm using Garritan Personal Orchestra, but will be upgrading to some more samples soon (Kontakt etc.). Cheers. -Chris

Help with a raw file/heightmap.

17 July 2004 - 05:53 PM

Hey all. I downloaded a tutorial from gametutorials.com, on how to do heightmaps with OpenGL. It loads a .raw file. It also has the .bmp texture included. I wanted to make my own .raw file. So as a test, I looked around here, and apparently, you open the BMP, make it greyscale, and save it as a .raw. (in Paintshop pro).Thats what I did, and it didnt work. When I opened it, I got a large flat area, and a bunch of pointy things on the right and left hand sides. I even downloaded a heightmap generator thing. I opened the bmp, it made it greyscale etc.. and then saved it back as a bmp. I then tried saving this as a .raw file with no luck. The image is 512*512 and comes with the heightmap tutorial at gametutorials.com. (it also has the .raw file which loads fine, but when I try to convert it myself and load it, it wont work.) Maybe someone can help me? I'm really keen to make my own .raw files for the heightmap :D Thanks, -Chris