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In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

24 August 2016 - 03:20 PM

That being said, if I could buy a javelin, I probably would. The launcher + missile cost around $200k~ just to manufacture, and gun markup is pretty high... I don't think I'd be willing to pay that much for one. Maybe $80k max.


Please tell me you're joking.


@ExErvus Congratulations on ignoring the key point, (that Canada, Australia, and NZ have plenty of guns).




-Awful weather is not an argument for a lack of guns in the UK, maybe it is because of the onslaught of gun legislation put into law by parliament.

As for the UK, while I was being flippant, my statement is actually partially true. The UK's gun laws are roughly comparable with NZ (basically, you need a licence and a clean record, but you can still get a gun for hunting or target shooting, just not a handgun), but there are many more guns in NZ, because NZ is more "outdoorsy". Hunting is much more popular here. 




-Their is no "paranoid psychopath" level of guns, that is a rather subjective opinion. America has a gun culture, nothing to do with paranoia.

It might be subjective, but when you can arm every man, woman and child and still have some guns left over (and this is just civilian weapons) I call that paranoia. Unless you think all these people are hunters/target shooters?




- Americans use guns for the same exact reason as well.


Blatantly untrue. I have never heard any gun control proponent talk about banning guns for hunting or sport. The focus is on guns for "protection". Again, nowhere else in the developed world do people feel the need for this.




-A Simpsons video used as a tool to portray Americans as idiotic only belittles your stance.

You made the point that because of all the guns, Americans are "familiar with firearms". I countered that by pointing out that you have one of the worst rates of accidental gun deaths in the developed world (sort that list by unintentional deaths and you'll find the US is number 12 on the list). The Simpsons video was just an addendum to illustrate your attitude to firearms.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

24 August 2016 - 05:50 AM

Even the "liberal" democrats at this point are exclaiming, in the DNC, "we're the greatest nation ever built". They were even instructed to drown chants of "no more war!" with "USA! "USA!". It seems to me USArians, even the "liberal" ones simply can't operate if they don't believe they are "number one!".
It's quite sad and ridiculous really, the democrats have moved so right they're basically moderate republicans, and the republicans at this point, with Trump as their candidate, are just batshit insane.

Yep. American politics have devolved to the point where the sane party has to invoke ludicrous levels of nationalism to counter the almost unbelievable levels of ... fuck, I don't even know what Trump is anymore, fascism? Insanity? Deception?

If you really believe "America is the greatest nation on earth", you'be probably never been outside its borders.

But equally, if you believe America needs to be made "great again", you are fucking delusional.

That this needs to be explained to Anericans is equal parts bewildering and terrifying to most people.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

23 August 2016 - 03:34 PM

Whats worse is that I have been discussing this with Australians, New Zealanders, English and a Canadian. All of which live in countries where they have been raised to not be familiar with fire arms(except maybe Canada).

Tell me, do you ever do any research before posting? That is objectively wrong. There are heaps of guns in NZ, Canada, and Australia too. (There aren't many in the UK, but that's because the weather is fucking awful and shooting is mostly an outdoor thing). We just don't have "paranoid psychopath" levels of guns (i.e. more guns than people).
I know plenty of people that have guns, but funny thing, they generally tend to use them for shooting food or targets.
Oh, and one more thing, judging by the accidental gun death rate in the US, you aren't "familiar with firearms". You have one of the worst rates of accidental gun death in the developed world. This is you guys with guns.


Broken windows policing/felonization of small crimes saved New York City from it's crime problems.

Actually, there's almost zero evidence for that. It's a classic "correlation not causation" myth.

In Topic: W(h)ats with the Watts?

22 August 2016 - 04:29 PM

Just to add to this, the next spec of PCIe will supply at least 300w to the GPU through the slot.



In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

22 August 2016 - 03:50 PM

According to your train of thought, why don't you condemn or ban fast food? Heart disease is the number one killer in the US. Fuck all the people killed by fast food yeah?

Because, as already explained, fast food is something that you do to yourself. I don't eat that crap, some I have zero fear of someone giving me heart disease because of their unhealthy food choices. But I absolutely support measures to make healthy eating easier and more affordable. Several countries are now considering a sugar tax or a fat tax
The basic problem with heart disease is one of economics. Basically, poorer people are actually poorer in real terms than they were 30 or 40 years ago. Families have to work longer hours and have less time/money to prepare healthy meals. Meanwhile, fast food is cheaper. But that's really a discussion for another topic. 

Smoking can be attributed to 17x the amount of deaths compared to guns. Please ban cigarettes.

Again, smoking is something you do to yourself. As for second-hand smoke, yes, I'm totally in favour of banning smoking in public places. You can't smoke in bars in NZ and I love it. As a matter of fact, the NZ government is aiming to make NZ smoke free by 2025.
But that is all completely irrelevant, because fundamentally, you have missed the point.
Your argument is a Nirvana fallacy ("Even if we ban guns, people will still die, so why bother?"). Perfect is the enemy of good. 
But as @phantom said, the US is not a civilised country. Nowhere else in the developed world has that kind of mindset.
Your problem is not guns, that's just a symptom. Your problem is your culture.

I know plenty of people with guns. They hunt or target shoot, but the idea that you would need a gun for "protection" is quite foreign to almost every other country in the developed world. 


No-one is actually suggesting banning all guns, but people in the US seem genuinely afraid that they will be "defenseless" if stripped of their arms.

Why is this?
When I've asked people before, I hear responses like "it takes the police 10 minutes to get to your house".

But that doesn't address the fear of home invasion in the first place. Is it really that common in the US? And if it is, WHY is it?

It's simply not a concern for anyone I know in any other country (excluding war zones, etc). Clearly, if it is such a problem, having a gun isn't deterring people from doing this.

Maybe instead of looking at the short-term symptoms, you should be asking yourselves what is driving people to be so desperate that they are willing to risk their lives breaking into other people's homes knowing that the occupants are potentially armed.

The problem is essentially escalation (the "Chicago Way").

10: "All the criminals have guns, I better have one too"
20: "Shit, if I'm going to rob that place, they probably have a gun, better go armed"
30: goto 10

Breaking this cycle means addressing inequality, racism, and poverty. People in the US aren't inherently worse than everywhere else, but your system is set up to incentivize criminals to carry a gun.

The worst part is that your political system is such a mess that the gun lobby has convinced/paid your government that the CDC can't even study gun deaths.