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Braindump! Need help brainstorming tools...

03 September 2008 - 06:39 AM

This semester I have a game project to complete, and I'm trying to come up with an idea for a tool that I can develop within these 15 weeks or so. Who knows, the tool could actually end up helping you some day. So if you need something, be sure to highlight it here or by tossing me an e-mail. I'm having a hard time coming up with a good list of what sort of tools are needed for game development, and that would help me when I apply to these game development companies. I figured I'd drop in to get some ideas. The completely obvious tool is a 2D or 3D map editor. But beyond that? Or even integrated in that (what does a good map editor need?). I notice for a lot of tool development positions require knowledge with MEL. What sort of tools are developed for aiding in the development with MEL? Anyway, any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

Breakout Returns Released

17 August 2006 - 06:20 AM

Description Breakout Returns has been a project of mine that I have been working on for the past month, off and on. This is my first completed solo game development project and I believe it went rather well. Here, I wanted to bring a unique style of play to the user, other than the traditional clearing of the entire level to progress. I have designed a challenge that will give you 7 levels, 7 minutes and 2 lives to destroy as many blocks as you can. Once you have lost your lives, or completed the levels, the game will end, or you will make the high score list. There is not a visual cue to let you know how much time you have left. If you have audio, you are at an advantage as you will be provided with an notification once you have 10 seconds remaining. There are several power ups that you can gain to assist you in the clearing of the blocks, or they can hinder you; all depending on how well you handle them. Some of the power ups include: Sluggish Ball - Will freeze ball in place, then it will fire it in an unknown direction Haze - This will cover the game play area with a fog of clouds, slowing the game a small amount Shooter Paddle - Allows the paddle to shoot a laser at the blocks for a duration of time Shrink Paddle - Decreases the size of the paddle Grow Paddle - Increases the size of the paddle And more... There are two modes in the game, Challenge and Practice. You can choose to jump into practice mode (shown in the picture above) to select any level that you wish to become familiar with, before going into the challenge. There are still a few problems with the game, but they don't seem to be much of a problem, unless your patience is limited. :)
You can download it here: Download Breakout Returns Version 1.0 If you get a problem with, "This application failed to start...", you will need to download the redistribution package (~2MB) Here Other than that, I hope you get a kick out of it and that it provides a short duration of fun while you're at work, school or just hanging out. Regards, - David McGraw - Contact me on AIM (aim marine), Yahoo (ildave1), or via PM if you have any questions [Edited by - ildave1 on August 17, 2006 12:44:53 PM]

Active Dave Project Cancer

20 March 2006 - 05:14 AM

It was requested that I should move this link into the Lounge. Direct your attention to: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=382087 Thank you for your Time! -Dave

Active Dave Project Cancer

19 March 2006 - 09:00 AM

This is not Game Related, but it truely is a serious issue that deserves some attention. The reality is that some of us could be living with Cancer right now or we may be living a life toward a life of Cancer. I want to help as much as I can to the research for those who live now, and for those who live in the future with it. Because in the end, it may impact our lives some day. ;( You may or may not have heard of Relay For Life, but if I could just have a second of your time, It would be greatly appreciated. If you knew Keith Parkinson, you knew he was a truely dedicated individual toward his Artwork that he produced for the EverQuest brand! Keith passed away last November from a 16 month battle with Leukemia and his spirit lives on with me. I just hate seeing things like this happen, so I'm doing something about it. This year, cancer will strike more than 1.3 million Americans and take more than half a million lives. As friends and family, we can do something to save lives and help those already fighting this disease. That’s why I’m taking action against cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life at Kansas State University Relay is an overnight event that unites our community in a common effort to support the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. The Society works every day to prevent cancer and save lives by supporting groundbreaking research, affecting public policies that protect us from cancer, and educating people on how to prevent or detect cancer early. The Society helps people in our community who have cancer through its many programs and services. Together, we can help the American Cancer Society accelerate the progress toward a cancer-free future. My project, Up until April 18th, I will be trying my best to support the mission of the Relay for Life. I am going to work hard to find donations in the effort to fight cancer and I have set my goal to a steady $500. I just started this Today, and I have snagged $70 so far so its already starting out great! I have been with the GD community for quite awhile now and I know there are some open hearted individuals out there that see a reason to help fight the battle with Cancer. You may or may not know somebody with Cancer, but doing what you can is the first step to making this world a better place and giving yourself a sense of pride in knowing that you assisted in the effort. $1, $5, $10, or what you care to give will be warmly welcomed. ildave1 Donation Page You can Donate online if you wish, or you can print out a form linked on that page to send in with a check. (The check wont be cashed by Relay for Life until mid April, FYI). Don't forget that donations can be written off at the end of the year! Thank You All and Have a Great Weekend! -Dave


02 October 2005 - 07:07 AM

Just a few questions about PDAs 1: What would be the best bang for your buck? 2: What brand has made their mark on the PDA world? - I am currently looking at the iPAQ 4700 LINK 3: What features are the best thing to be taking a look at when your snooping for a good digital assistant? I really like the iPaq model, but I have the hunch that it is a fairly old model and i really want to wait for HP's latest and greatest release and/or another good PDA that rivals it. Anyway, just looking for some good feedback from anybody else who knows a bit about them and where they are going (technology wise)