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C++ DX API, help me get it?

08 July 2013 - 08:23 PM

Ok so i'm coming from a .net background (multiple years of professional development).

I'm checking out microsoft DX11 samples and i just don't get it, am i missing something obvious & there's actually beauty there i'm not seeing? Or is this actually just flat ugly hard code for no reason? Is it legacy or are you actually supposed to write & consume APIs this way?

(just to be clear, this is half rant, half question, i'd be more than happy to learn my rant is unfounded & have this transition from a rant to an answered question, also i'm not saying i'm having a hard time, just to be clear i understand the sample perfectly fine, i just find it painstakingly hard for no reason).


Shed some light on all this for me

1) Why the hell is this so damn long & hard? I expected getting a DX11 window up & running (and rendering) with nothing inside to be a 10liner or so, maybe 20 tops, but not 250 like in the sample!

2) Why the typedefs? Seems to be adding confusion for no reason especially on simple types, am i missing something or is this just useless? typedef float               FLOAT

3) Why no constructors? Objects are just declared and initialized element by element, meaning you remove 1 line you don't get a default, you don't even get an exception, you get a nice access violation!

4) Why all the if(failed(bla)) ? Why isn't code throwing?

5) Probably the same as 3 but, why no sensible default values for everything? Declaring any directX object seems to be a full time job & a 10 liner!

6) Why is everything taking a pointer? I get the point for large (or medium) objects but why for example does something like the feature level, which isn't a large object nor an array, and that you're likely to be using once (or hell, maybe twice!) in your whole application get passed by pointer? I'm new at C++ but unless i get it wrong it means you must create a (local or global) variable, assign a value to it, and pass a pointer to it, if it was by reference you could just pass in D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0 for example

7) Typedef question again, it's confusing enough for float => FLOAT, but hell LPVOID*, i can't believe people starting with C++ make it through this!

8) __uuidof, so you even need custom keywords to get a simple directX sample app going on???


I'm not trying to bash C++ here, the only things i can't bare in it are header files and compilation speed, but i just don't get that API design, is it flaws in the API or in the sample? Or am i just getting it wrong? Because if this is the right way to do it this sounds just horrible to me, 250 lines to do nothing, 3X that much for a rotating cube (out of which only 60 lines are rendering, and about 300 setting up the device . . . ). I just don't get it! Hell SharpDX didn't feel that way at all.


I'm waiting, please enlighten me!

DirectX 11.2, Is it actually out in any form?

30 June 2013 - 02:18 PM


I'm a bit confused about the 11.2 release along with windows 8.1 preview.

I upgraded to 8.1 & would like to toy around with the tiled ressources, however i'm confused about wether it's actually available or not.

- Does it require a new SDK? Is it included in VS2013 or will it come later?

- Do the windows 8.1 drivers from nvidia support it or do we need to wait & only have software mode so far?

- What kind of card is required for it? Will it just work on any feature level 11.1 card?


(3D mesh generation) Forgot software name and can't seem to google it!

09 February 2013 - 07:17 PM

I'm trying to find some software (potentially still installed on my pc but can't seem to find it neither there nor online).

No clue if it was a trial or something i purchased, that was quite a few month ago, could be freeware, could be paid for, but not something crazy expensive else i'd remember.

It was a 3D software (voxel based i THINK, but not sure) to generate terrain or other meshes in 3D (as in, not 2D heightmap based, actual full 3D generation), it supported noise generation and applying modifiers (like twist etc) and i can neither remember the name, nor google it. All i find googling are references to cryengine & level makers for small games.

Any clue would be deeply appreciated!

Solid WIN SERVER based hosting company?

16 April 2010 - 10:33 PM

Hellow fellow gamedevers, I'm wondering if any of you know of a solid windows server hosting company. I know there have been quite a few threads over the years on hosting but most of them were on inexpensive or linux based hosting. I want to start a tiny ecommerce website and eventually evolve it into a company if things go well. I'm doing .net 4 development at work and definately want to stick to that for this website (Raw javascript and web services + alternative silverlight version exposed and WPF 4 for backoffice) so the choice of windows based hosting is pretty clear cut and the need for root access to install .net 4 / sql 2008 R2 also is. What i'm looking for is: - Windows server hosting company with root access (preferably windows server 2008 R2) - Preferably based in europe or distributed in europe (planning to service only french customers in a first phase, i don't mind a 100ms added overhead but no crappy provider with 600ms delay for europe or such) - Big bonus if it allows some kind of shared server at lower cost and easy migration to dedicated servers so i can start out small - Reasonably priced (price itself isn't an issue, but price/quality ratio must be there) - No downtime, i feel the 3 or so hours we get yearly at work is already a lot. - Preferably no forced management of the os & security updates and such, i don't want any management, all i'm looking for by having a provider is to not own the hardware , not need the net connection and not have the server noise in my room nothing more, i want to handle all of the software side production and development issues. - Timely support (fast reactions when the server is physically down or unadministrable from the outside) Now i'm not exactly expecting to find all that but those are my key points , if you know of any that are decents on all/most of it (as i said , even at companies prices so feel free to suggest your company's hosting if it's good) then i'd be glad to hear about it.

help me pick a .net game engine

18 August 2008 - 10:19 AM

After years of lurking i'm finally thinking of making a game (with an artist friend) . I know what it takes , i know what i want to do , we're just gonna be a copycat on most things , no one's ever gonna play it but hell we're gonna do it! With that said i'm a C# programmer and i never could get into C++ (well i could now that i know C# pretty well but i Really_Don't_Want_To) so i'm wondering wich game engine would suit my needs best. With all the praise torque has received TorqueX is a natural choice and it being in beta is a non issue since it's a pretty long term project (we're going for a 3D RPG) so it'll long be out of beta before we're done but since .net graphic engines seems to have spawned left & right , or at least the devmaster engine database makes it look so, i'm wondering if maybe i'm missing a recent gem in my considerations? The only other engine in the list that attracted my attention was Unity wich costs 150ish so is in the same ballpark as torque but the version at that price doesn't include stand alone exe (only in web browser games) , the 1K$ licence does however if we want to upgrade but it's a big turn off to be limited to in browser games while developing. Also i kinda expected that , since .net engines tend to be a recent trend , i'd find at least one that's future oriented and supports dx10. Anyone know of such an engine? For now i'm strongly leaning toward Torque X but since it isn't free , and this is perfectly fine imoh for such a piece of software i don't mind paying to save myself all that work, i would like opinions before i hit the purchase button. All help is apreciated!