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The Forgotten Mindset

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Ahhh! I think I'm melting! > meh... moodswings... meh

Posted 09 August 2005

I've barely touched my engine in 2 weeks or so. I've had another thing enter my life. I don't even know why I'm posting. I don't know if I'll continue my 4e4 project, but at least my engine is at a good stopping place. It loads and renders models and stuff, so at least it works.

I've been wondering, what is Toronto like? Is there lots of public...

Ahhh! I think I'm melting! > I'mmmm baaaack!

Posted 01 August 2005

Thanks for the warm bon voyage guys and to answer your question Programmer16, I did not fly :/

I first stopped in Jacksonville (north florida) to stay with my cousins/aunt/uncle for a day. My uncle is a successfull web developer and he really knows his stuff (finished top of his class, etc.)

He wants me to intern for him at his company when I'm done with...

Ahhh! I think I'm melting! > whee!

Posted 21 July 2005

I'm going to florida in t-minus X seconds!11!11

You will not hear from me in at least a week. Muahhaha!

Ahhh! I think I'm melting! > Awwwwe Phooey

Posted 20 July 2005

I came so close to winning a 1986 Mazda Rx-7 Engine for just $75!!!!!!

eBay Auction

I held back because I didn't know how much shipping would be for a ~230 pound hunk of steel and iron. I found out that it would cost over $500 for FedEx, and UPS and USPS didn't accept anything that heavy.

He said he'd deliver it within 200 miles (which I am within) for a...

Ahhh! I think I'm melting! > Curiosity killet teh ckat!!1!

Posted 19 July 2005

During work the other day, I noticed that an old, retired, work truck read "V8 7000."

So I was thinking "A 7 litre V8?!!!1!!11!! Hot Dog!"

So I approached the front of it and noticed a very large hood opening lever thing just sticking out of the grill right in front of me.

It was tempting. I don't think I've seen an engine that size before, so I stuck...