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The Forgotten Mindset

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In Topic: How long would it take to make a decent full fps? (One person team..)

20 March 2012 - 07:32 AM

Yeah and these developers are probably putting in more than 40+ hours per week anyway and are way more experienced than you and I.

Working alone is not fun anyway for a complex project like a real game. If you work alone for small games that's certainly doable but fun is not based on graphical quality, but by studying fun itself. I had more fun playing old games than I do on today's bf3's. You can always study and get a job in the industry if you really care about graphics and whatnot.

In Topic: RETURN OF THE MINDSET!11!! talking love

16 November 2005 - 04:05 AM

Thanks, but yeah, I dont' wanna create a false sense of attraction. I just wanna bring it on, if it's there. I'm trying to figure out, if it's a good idea to hang out at her house for a while, and then go somewhere or whatever. I'm not sure. I think I'm going to ask her to do that this weekend, then I'll say something came up, then I'll do it next week. I'm trying to lose her "i'm needy and insecure" view of me. She's always the one to end the conversation. Next time, I'll try to beat her to it. Thanks, I just needed some moral support.

In Topic: splitting models in MAX

19 July 2005 - 08:26 AM

Try using the 'slice plane' tool for editable meshes. I think that's what you are looking for :)

In Topic: Camera Transformation woes :/

13 July 2005 - 01:41 PM

Thanks John, but that's actually what I just did [grin]

But my proposed optimization was not very difficult at all. Your way just fits into my engine better, that's all :)

In Topic: Camera Transformation woes :/

12 July 2005 - 02:29 AM

Thanks Kahsm, I'll give it a shot. :)