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#5313186 Coding-Style Poll

Posted by on 29 September 2016 - 02:06 AM

As I posted already I don't really care about layout oriented standards. There are some i like better than others but I'll adopt whatever I'm required to with minor grumbling.

More important are standards for the code itsself.
Consistent ways of allocating memory. Consistent ways of using threads (Do we use queues, do we "ban" shared data?) Consistent ways of passing data. Do we prefer pass by pointer? Or reference? Do we prefer to allocate memory and pass it into a function to use like in C or do we let objects handle their own memory? Do we like shared pointers or do we prefer other ways to manage things?
I find all of that matters more than layout but again, as long as it's not insane I don't much care the details.

And then standards for accepting code?
Do we insist on actual proper code reviews?

Do we properly document what the changes are _for_ in source control and do we have one functional change per commit so we can manage them?
How is code deployed? Do we need to write a backout plan for each change in case it fails to work in production...

These things matter more than the detail

#5305597 Managing opengl contexts for more than one window

Posted by on 13 August 2016 - 01:26 AM

Thanks again all.

​Based on the comments I'm not going to try to support multiple windows :) My project doesn't need them anyway.

My problem is that I identified 'Window' as being a good abstraction of something I'd need my application to have and a common one. And once I did that it because natural to ask does it make sense to have more than one window in an application.... Yes, it makes sense.
And then the issue of how to implement it nagged and nagged at me leading to complete coding paralysis!

I have decided that I have no need to implement multiple windows/contexts in my project so I will not do.
​Having decided that it seems natural to merge window and context management into my 'Game' class as they don't really need their own identity and it's natural to have a single "Game" object created in a program but not so much a 'Window'