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In Topic: Soldier background in tactical squad game?

Today, 04:29 AM

Good ideas for perks, i dont know if I will have that level of detail though, we´ll see.


Im more looking for broad backgrounds at the moment. But maybe i covered most when i pick army, mercenary, guerilla? Who else could join a militia looking for fame/fortune/employment in such a setting? Some kind of criminal background probably could be one "class". What else?



Yeah the country will not be unnamed in the game, its just that the name is not related to this thread:)

I will not use an actual country, since i want to be flexible with placement of towns etc.

In Topic: Soldier background in tactical squad game?

30 August 2015 - 09:26 AM

With army I mean the character has a background working in the national army (the army of the country in which the game takes place).

A guerilla fighter has a different kind of military background, and so does a person who has been a mercenary (kind of private contractor of sorts, like those in the recent Iraq war).


Preferably something more distinct than from different parts of the national armed forced. I think "army" is enough.


How about bodyguard/hitman background? Someone who worked for gangs/mafia. What could the bonus be? Im just brainstorming myself right now. I might not have stealth mechanics in the gameplay (otherwise suitable for a hitman (assassin) background probably).

In Topic: the game's setting limits what there is to do in the world

28 August 2015 - 02:09 AM

Yes social building is a interesting way to go!


You can upgrade your social standing by killing tigers, helping others etc. This unlocks skills/levels of command/honour whatever which will allow you to have AI tribesmen follow you around and help you fight/gather etc. Maybe also command them to go off and do something (like gathering) and return to you.


You can challange another tribe/gang and if you win you "conquer" their command/honour/shaman points. 
At some point you should not be able to aquire more standing by common tasks and must wage war to get to the "last levels" of social standing.


Could be fun!

In Topic: How to avoid "stacks of doom" in 4X? (Part 2)

27 August 2015 - 06:25 AM

If i remeber correctly, you want to keep things rather abstracted/simplified. 


Why not have an efficiency factor. Starts at 100%. At some point a stack becomes harder to handle and efficiency softly drops, so it makes sense to not make stacks of doom.


navy size              efficiency       navy combat strenght 

<100 ships           100 %            100

150 ships             85 %              127

200 ships             70 %              140

250 ships             55 %              138

300 ships             40 %              120

>350 ships           25 %              88



You get the point, this needs tweaking of course but the point is that its a simple system that the player can easily moniter.

It makes it better to have several small/medium sized fleets than one huge.


If you have that level of complexity the area of effect weapon idea is good. It counters big stacks efficiently if it deals dmg to all ships in a stack, no matter how big the stack is.

In Topic: the game's setting limits what there is to do in the world

21 August 2015 - 05:35 AM

Best of luck to you!



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