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In Topic: Slavery, Include Or Not?

15 July 2016 - 01:24 AM

Interesting discussion. But i do find it strange that some suggest:

  • Include it, but let "others" deal with it, not the player. This would be dishonest. Slavery wasnt done by only "evil men", it was done by almost anyone and every nation.
  • Include it, but dont make it profitable. Why? It was VERY profitable, this is why it was so widespread. The economic system encouraged it and plantations wouldnt exist in the way it did if not for slaves.
  • Include it, but make the player "the good guy" by intercepting slave ships and freeing slaves. Really? This NEVER happended and would make a very strange trading game.

Im slightly dishearted now. The easiest seems to do just like everyone else who makes a game in this setting and pretend slavery didnt happen:(

This game will not be marketed or sold so maybe it matters less than implied by this thread, but should that really matter for the actual issue?


To clearify:

The portayal (if included) will be rather abstracted. You play on a map of carribia with Europe and (maybe) Africa as off-map locations where goods can be sold and bought by your ship markers. Slaves will be a cargo marker just as sugar or cotton will be. Events like epidemics on a ship carrying slaves may be included but no individual crewmen or slaves will exists with picture, name or background (regardless of white or black skin).

In Topic: Slavery, Include Or Not?

14 July 2016 - 07:56 AM

Well that game is in quite bad taste! My game is a financial / business game. Nothing will be "extra fun" with slaves as a commodity in the boardgame. It would be a commodity like sugar or cotton. There could even be event cards like epedemic on a slave ships, or slave rebellions. That revenue of income could when slavery becomes outlawed close to the end (around year 1800).


But me I always thought it was strange that there WASNT a discussion when games like "sid meiers pirates" or "colonization" or "port royale" completely skips the whole slave issue.

Games such as rome total war includes genocides / population extermination / prisoner massacres. That seems to be ok:) Becouse that is also historically correct.


Im not sure myself what style im going for. Im just saying that including nasty stuff that acually happened isnt immoral in itself. This is what baffels me with "moral outcry". If anything it seems immoral to perpetuate the myth that europeans amassed all that wealth simply from entrepreneurship or "hard work".


And then you get a pat on the back when making a story where everyone is friends and nice to eachother. That borders falsification of history (if you use a historical setting i mean :)

In Topic: c++: replace word in char array?

13 July 2016 - 12:36 PM

No assignment:)

Ill just do it with brute force and for loops then:P

I thought there would be some more clever trick.

In Topic: Game goal in open-world ww2 naval/pirate game?

12 July 2016 - 07:52 AM

These are gameplay suggestions (which is also welcomed by the way). But what about the "campaign goals"?

In Topic: WW2 Pirates - world scaling and settlements?

08 July 2016 - 12:56 AM

Yeah im leaning towards no 1 as well. Maybe with some of no 3 mixed in. Maybe at the start of a campaign, X cities are declared as victims of nuclear attacks, so reduced to rubble. This can lead to a more varied starting field. Other cities can be damaged to the point of being weak enough that a player with some transports and around 1000 troops can claim it (without beeing TOO silly).


The game scales from a small coastal craft and 50 guys in the beginning to commanding cruisers in the late game. I want this scaling, but it makes some stuff hard to mix together.


I find the problem is always having a samewhat "real" feeling to the gameworld (even with "simulation elements" when it comes to events and economy), but still wanting liberty with the gameplay mechanics. I use real ships and weapons and cargo...