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In Topic: simulate battles - cavalry?

Today, 02:14 PM

Is movement visualised in CK? I remembered only the status page:




You mean the 3 different flanks and how they behave? I think its not needed for my game.


Anyhow, simulating battles fully with movement etc will be too much work for too little payback. But temporary "events" such as

found good defensive hill

skillful charge

commander slain


etc that modifies the armies strength for x days of simulation (or even just a section of the army such as all cavalry get a boost from the "charge" event) can of course be added pretty easily and is easy to convey to the player through the interface...

In Topic: simulate battles - cavalry?

Today, 07:36 AM

That level of complexity won't work and there will not be distinct companies as in total war. Several battles can occur at the same time as the player manages his cities. The genre is more similar to crusader kings or europa universalis.


Im thinking to cover several of the foremensioned mechanics in a "flanking" rating (%) for the entire army (there is already a morale rating for the entire army which falls with losses, fatigue, etc).


Your flanking rating

... is defined by proportion of light cav (x3), heavy cav (x2) and light inf (x1).

... is increased by enemy archers

... is reduced by enemy flanking rating or (severely) when attacking settlements.


The flanking % increases the casaulties the opponents army suffer each combat day.


This would make players want to include some cav to not be too exposed to enemy flanking and archers (but they will not be cost-effective to fill the entire army; diminishing returns on the flanking %)

This makes cav naturally weaker when sieging fortifications, and gives light inf some "mobility" compared to heavy inf (who will now be even more focused on brute force).


This could work. Comments? Very abstracted I know but I need something along these lines:)

In Topic: simulate battles - cavalry?

Today, 03:49 AM

well there is no positioning or movement, armies just auto-simulate a result :)

(you can follow the battle in realtime, the numbers of men remaining in each unit cathegory tick down)


light/heavy inf is not "spear" and "non-spear". Its more related to tech and amount of armour. The game is very high-level (abstracted). The rock-paper-scissors triangle of spear-cav-archer doesnt quite work.


If cav indeed should be anti-archer i need a good, intuitiv mechanic for it. Maybe each company of light cav could half the strength of a company of enemy archers? So flooding your army with light cav isnt worth it since opponent will not flood his armies with archers?


And make heavy cav ("knights") less anti-archer and just generally very strong and expensive... (maybe half the anti-archer effect of light cav?)

In Topic: Gas and energy (abstract) for a strategy game

25 May 2016 - 11:17 PM

Making gas more efficient in a scifi game is not very realistic though... We have it already at max. Or is the gas some kind of scifi gas that cannot be fully understood? Then tech advance in its field makes sense. 


Otherwise your tech makes sense i guess. But are whole planets either cold or warm? That seems strange to me. If you dont want insulation tech to be city-specific just pick something else for energy saving, like mass transit tech.


You could have other resources grant bonus to energy as well, such as heavy water/deuterium, plutonium etc. Or some scifi stuff.


I think you can skip electricity and just call it energy. Its more general and high-level and would suit the style of your game better. Or you want to make it more different than gas?

In Topic: c++: sprintf but return chars. Possible?

23 May 2016 - 05:50 AM

What do you mean "if it fails"?


What i do now with sprintf could then also potentially fail no? I just want to compress the code i need to write. I end up in many such situations (must create a temporary char array that i inject floats and other stuff with %.2f etc and then pass it to a function that takes a "char *" parameter).