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Topics I've Started

Resources in modern day empire builder?

23 April 2015 - 12:37 PM


Im wokring on an idea for a sort of Total War for the modern age. You fight for control of cities on a map with todays armies and develop your cities. The map may be semi-abstracted, allowing bases as well as "large cities", prefereably using the nearby map terrain to effect how cities produce resources.


All total war games uses (more or less) a single resource (money/coin/florins etc). I want to diverse it a bit for my game. Im thinking:


1. Cash/supply - used for army upkeep, recruiting and buildings - (from taxes, trade, mines, what else?)

2. Industry - used to produce most non-infantry units (from factories etc). Must be moved by trucks to where its spended.


So economy-focused cities will supply recruiting cities (military complexes) with the industry resource.


What are your thought? Any better/more fun way to divide it? It can also be three resources, introducing manpower for example.



leave function definition "empty" (c++) ?

28 February 2015 - 08:33 AM



I have a general class handling inventories in my game engine (c++)

It has a function getItemNames:

char * gameInventoryMaster::getItemName(gameItem * uu)
		return getSpecialItemName(uu);
		return IDATA[uu->type].name;

The getSpecialItemName is just declared in the general engine class, not defined.

Instead it is defined in each game separately (because some games may have diablo-like item modifiers that affect name, while others affect item names in another manner etc).


Problem is its unpractical to be forced to define that function in all games using the engine (some games dont use inventories or at least not specialItemNames).


If i dont add a definition i get compiler errors (fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals). I want to leave it "empty" (not there) if i dont use it. Is it not possible in c++?



Dungeons in roguelike. Randomly generated or not?

17 February 2015 - 08:54 AM


Im doing a roguelike dungeon crawler with permadeath. My idea was to travel on a map and enter dungeons with your party of adventurers. The dungeons would be handmade and many details added such as specify room content, secret doors and traps etc. So not randomly generated.


Since i want the player to risk (and sometimes loose) heroes to finish the dungeons, fixed layouts are not so good. You would typically give up the dungeon to save heroes close to death, go back to town to heal up and rest (or to risk killing them to try and complete the dungeon). 

But shouldnt the dungeon refill with monsters if you play it safe and go back to town? Otherwise you can just clear a room, go back home, clear another, repeat and you wouldnt risk anything (and the game would be really booring). But if i refill a fixed dungeon, its boring to redo it since you know the layout already...


The other solution I see is to set difficulty and some general parameters for each dungeon (like "very hard, small size, many spiders")  and make a new random dungeon when the player comes back to try it again. But im not very fond of this idea...


Any ideas on this?


Hiding savedata to prevent save backup

17 February 2015 - 08:18 AM


Im making a rougelike with permadeath and want to make replacing the savedata harder (a little bit) to prevent backing up the game state. Its a simple binary file and i dont need encryption.


NOTE: i dont want serverside solutions or to discuss why i want to prevent savegame backup.


1. Just name the save "sound.bak" or something. Really simple but also very easy to "crack"!

2. Save the data so some silly folder like "C:/appdata/flashdata/fakecompany/sound.bak". But ugly to create folder on the users computer and what if this folder is cleaned out (since its not supposed to be affiliated with the game)? Then the user will loose the progress.

3. Save a timestamp to the savefile and keep a registry of the timestamps somewhere. If the savefile is replaced they will mismatch and you can refuse to load that savegame. But if the player backups the registry then? Which means i have to "hide" the registry file as well.

4. Similar to no3 but using windows registry for some timestamp check. Would this improve anything?

5. Any way to just make the file itself harder to see in the folders?


What would you suggest? Or something else? Im aware a cracker would find a workaround in minutes but i just wanna make it less tempting for an average player.



3d studio max noob question

02 January 2015 - 02:41 PM



1. Im using 3d studio max 2013 and trying to reduce polycount of some free 3ds models i imported.


But sometimes when i select all and try to add "optimize" modifier, its just not in the list. When i select a single item in the scene its there but i want to apply it to everything at once.


Sometimes it helps to select all and unfreeze, but sometimes it still doesnt show up in the modifier list. Any ideas? (the prooptimizer seems to work in more situations, maybe just use that instead?)


2. Im working in .max and then exporting to 3ds-format for my game (which uses irrlicht engine). But my  way of texturing the models seems a bit stupid. I create materials and

drag them to parts of the model, then export, then keep all texture files in the same folder in my projekt (the game) as the 3ds-files. Is this the proper way to do it?


3. What is the best way to be able to rotate turret separately from the body (on a tank for example)? My idea is to put body and turret in different 3ds-files and solve it through programming but is that clever? Seems another way should be possible. Animate the rotation (of the turret) and control "animation" with programming (ei current rotation of the turret). What is the usual method?


Thanks a lot!