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"Supply depots" for medieval game?

Today, 01:21 AM


Im doing a large-scale strategy game where you build cities and train armies from those cities (think toal war meets mega-lo-mania). I want a gameplay element like "army population" or "unit support" similar to those given from supply depots in starcraft or farms in warcraft. But i already have farms as a type of resource income. What would make sense?


I was thinking something like "barracks" each supporting 3 regiments of soldiers in the field, but barracks are very accociated with the actual creation of units in games (and i need that gameplay element as well since i need to train soldiers in some building in my cities).


Maybe cottages/houses to support units in the field? Could that make sence? What other ideas could you come up with?


Abstracted battles/units (mego-lo-mania style)

14 April 2016 - 08:47 AM


Im working on a design for a 2D RTS. Its similar to the old MegoLoMania in some regards:

> Each scenario consists of sectors in a 6x6 grid.

> Each sector has a terrrain-type such as ocean, plains, forest etc.

> Each sector of suitable terrain can hold a settlement that earns resources and trains units for your armies.


Now, each completed unit will spawn X soldiers (maybe 4) of the trained type (such as spearmen, knights etc) and add that to the "army" of the sector. These are small guys walking around in a 2D side-view. The more soldiers in a sector the denser this group of soldiers will be.


Units have strength values based on terrain (open terrain, rough terrain, city attack, city defense). Enemy units in the same sector will show up in the same view. When close to an enemy a soldier will "animate" such as raising the weapon. Units kill opposing units by ticking down their number based on strength (no actual "sword must hit opponent to deal dmg" is performed).



1. Would this be too simple a combat system?

2. Do you have another idea how combat could be performed in this stylized setting? (world divided into large sectors, each one a potential city)

Bacterial/fungus/virus (zombie gamplay)

06 April 2016 - 12:59 AM


2D topdown rpg/survival-game in a zombie-apoc world. It has both arcade and semi-realistic features.


I want 3 meters (except HP) that the player needs to keep from dropping to zero - food, water and "resistance" or something. This would be the level of vaccin/antibiotics in the body. So that:


- increase: use items (syringes? pills?) Maybe also by "treatment" by visiting some npc "doctor".

- it drops over time

- drops when being hit by zombies.

- it drops due to contaminated food/drink/vading in sewage (similar to how radiation increases from some food/environment in fallout)


What would make most sense? Virus is the typical agent of zombie spread but it's not necessarily what suits my gameplay best. Bacteria or fungus better for applying the effects outlined above?


Thanks for your input/ideas!

Obstacles in a dungeon?

30 March 2016 - 02:55 AM


Im doing a fantasy tactical rogue-like dungeon crawler (player controls up to 6 heroes in a group).


What are good obstacles to block the corridors?

Obstacles are "solved" by picking a hero to deal with it, the hero uses a attribute tied to the obstacle; this calculates a %-chance to succeed and a cost in energy to solve the obstacle. Heroes specializes in one of 3 attributes (strength, agility, intelligence)



1. Strength - debris, cave in

2. Agility - what here? (i already have lockpicking and traps as separate gameplay elements, some puzzle maybe?)

3. Intelligence - force field, ancient riddle on door (like gate to Moria maybe? Mellon!)


What is your ideas?

Thanks, Erik

Humanoid mobs drop more useful items!

25 March 2016 - 08:41 AM


Im doing a rpg/dungeon crawler in a fantasy setting.

I know games such as diablo lets mobs drop whatever (such as a gang of wasps dropping a battle axe on death) but i would prefer to avoid that. The classical problem is this:


Goblin/bandit etc - drops weapons, potions, money, bandages (useful stuff for the player)

Giant rat/golem etc - drops what?


How do i make fighting non-soldierlike mobs rewarding? (and not just artificially awarding more XP for mobs that dont drop useful items) Some games try to balance this by making them drop trade-items (such as silk for spiders) and those items can be sold/traded for more useful items.


What are your thoughts on this? Only viable solution is to drop items with trading value? Try to find drops that are used in crafting?