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Difficulty setting pointless in my game?

05 December 2014 - 12:34 AM


Im making a single-player ww2 adventure naval game (just for fun, not commercial). Its sort of like sid meiers pirates. You start with a small ship and run missions and loot to get more wealth, upgrade your ships and gear and get higher ranks with different wartime nations, which unocks new missions and ships.


Much like diablo-kinda games, would a difficulty option make any sense? It seems changing health/damage of you and enemies (typical difficulty setting) would only make different parts of the game longer or shorter. Or am I missing something? Any ideas or input?




screen resolution, 1360x768 no longer possible?

18 October 2014 - 03:18 AM


This might not be a really programming problem but a problem nonetheless.


Just switches card from radeon hd 4850 to radeon r7 240. All worked fine with old card and same monitor.


Now my games (both my own and commercial games, as well as win 7 desktop solution) cannot run fullscreen in 1360x768. And thats the res i normally develop for, since its common for laptops.


To clearify, i can run it, but the screen does not all "fit" on the monitor. Some parts of the rendered picture seems to be "outside the monitor". It works fine for 1024x768 and 1920x1080. Also if i start a game (in this case AC:black flag) in 1360x768, switch to 1024x768 and back to 1360x768 the screen DO show all of the picture...


Very strange. Win is newly installed as well. Ive tried latest stable drivers and the newest beta as well. Same problem...

(1366x768 has same problem as 1360x768)


Thanks for any input


Why do i get lag?

01 October 2014 - 11:25 AM


Im doing a lock-step RTS using raknet. When i try my game with a friend we get constant connection problems (waiting for the other client to send command so next step can be calculated). I dont get this when running a "local multiplayer" game with me running two clients.


Locksteps are 50ms

I got 0 ping

He got 15 ping


This might be a quite wide question, but what might the problem be here? If ping is 15 shouldnt we (theoretically) be able to run it at 30 ms lockstep (two way so 15+15 = 30ms) with only occasional lag (since ping wont be 100% stable)?


RTS - targeting, moving close to target

29 September 2014 - 09:39 AM


Im doing a tilebased (A* pathfind) rts (think warcraft 2) with large tiles (one unit per tile). When i issue an attack order on a specific enemy i want to get close to it and then attack.


When i click an enemy i find a free, walkable adjacent tile (preferably the tile closest to where the attacker is, so the unit doesnt walk all the way around the target and hit it from behind) and set the attacker to move there. When close enough for attack (melee or ranged attack) i stop moving and attack the target.


But the target may move at any time, so i need to recalc the "move to this tile to be able to attack" and redo pathfinding. This may get slow right? And ranged units dont need to find an adjacent tile, just any tile close enough to the target to be able to attack it.


Any good way of doing such things? My method seems crude to me. What if there are many units involved? (selecting 30 of your guys to attack someone).




Names of medieval gameplay features

15 September 2014 - 02:25 PM

I need to name two ingame features in my medieval rts.


1. Some sort of research / knowledge / development items (that you pay to start unlocking over time, like researching)

Agriculture I and II

Mining I and II

Surgeons (allows healing near settlements)

Brothels (more empire control)

Leadership (allows bigger armies)



2. Some sort of "powers" that can be activated once unlocked

Reinforcements (spawn troops on the map)

Inspire troops (give buff to troops)

Field healing



What could be good thematic names for such features?