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MMO Indie? Can't Be Done > Overview of Backend Control System

Posted 27 July 2006

I finally decided after much thought to show a screenie of the over all control system. I've been starting the opposite way in developing a game system by designing the backend first.

Well, in order to have a backend of servers and processes running across multiple server, you have to have a way to control them. So here the screenie and I'll post later...

MMO Indie? Can't Be Done > Design and Trash It

Posted 13 July 2006

Over the past year I have designed, redesigned, and trashed mutiple backend systems simply because of the lack of planning and control. I have finally hit upon a method that will lead my project into success.....hopefully. For those of you that might remember, I have been working on a backend system that will support mulitplayer online games. ...

MMO Indie? Can't Be Done > Revise, Revise, and more Revising

Posted 12 January 2006

Writing a system that requires maximum flexability surely is very hard work, but I'm getting closer. I'm planning on having the management tools for the clusters (realms), servers (physical) and processes finished by 2/1/2006. I'll be posting a screenshot with a listing of features this weekend. Hopefully someone will take a look and possibly have...

MMO Indie? Can't Be Done > 2 Days In A Row

Posted 02 December 2005

The team (myself and another) discussed the new architecture and actually came up an even more robust modified version that would allow for a very dynamic load balancing system for the back end. But it's so good that I don't want to even detail it until we can get it completed and hopefully some sort of intellectual property protection. So with that said...

MMO Indie? Can't Be Done > Lions, Tigers, and Re-designs! Oh My

Posted 30 November 2005

Well, after posting yesterday, I picked up a development book I hadn't read in a while, Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2, and noticed an excellent method of monitoring the processes and providing a great fault tolerance for keeping your processes up. While I will have to modify the base architecture to use it, these methods will be a life save for...