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Excursions into the Unknown > New Blog

Posted 13 August 2011

So I finished setting up my new website / blog and added a bunch of my old posts from here. Check it out and give me some feedback on the styling and what you think of it in general.

I've got a bunch of topics to write about queued up, so check back every once in a while if you're interested.

Excursions into the Unknown > Exodus of the Faithful

Posted 24 July 2011

I went and got myself a blog set up on an externally hosted site: http://www.popoloski.com. Why, might you ask? Read on.

I've found that my usage of GameDev.net has slowly but steadily decreased over the past few months. Certainly the new forum software has a small and indirect part to play in this, but...

Excursions into the Unknown > Demystifying SSE Move Instructions

Posted 25 June 2011


I've been doing a lot of work with SSE-related instructions lately, and finally got fed up with the myriad of move instructions available to load and store data to and from the XMM registers. The differences between some are so subtle and poorly documented that it can be hard to tell that there is even any...

GSoC '11 - Mono Runtime > Progress Update

Posted 22 June 2011

It's been a while since I've posted here, but progress has moved forward steadily since starting work on the Mono runtime. As indicated a few weeks back, my first step was to enhance all of the existing floating point opcodes to emit SSE instructions whenever the enhancement is turned on. This optimization, like all others in Mono, is gated both by...

GSoC '11 - Mono Runtime > Start of Project

Posted 27 May 2011

My proposal to work on the Mono runtime was accepted for the Google Summer of Code program, so I'll be spending some time on that this summer. The project involves modifying the x86 JIT to use SSE for floating point operations, as opposed to the x87 FP stack that it's using now. The use of SSE registers is much cleaner and faster than using the FP...