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In Topic: Easier to model or to find models?

22 March 2015 - 11:27 AM

Nice bases there, can be useful for some easy humans to modify into what you want.(exactly the point, I know).

In Topic: Blender like graphics editor

22 March 2015 - 11:26 AM

Misantes, i miss filters, layers, blend mode and brushes
Kburkhart, you didn't got it


Well, I don't think what you want exists.  Software is usually specialized at something, and then lots of it has something else that it doesn't do as well.  Blender is pretty good all around for 3d modelling, but though it has sculpting and texture paint, it isn't that great at those, at least as compared to other programs that do it better.  Photoshop is excellent for 2d raster art, but though it has a few vector tools, it isn't that good at it, which is why Illustrator exists.


I think it is better this way, than having programs try to just be the be all end all kind of things.  It is hard to be really good at more than one thing.  Instead it is good to be the best(or top side at least) of one thing, maybe do a little of others, and let the others be best at other things.  Then, we can get all we need, though we might have to use more than one program.  And we can get really good quality this way.  Blender is great at modelling, and I use it for that.  I sometimes use it for texture painting too, but I'm liking this trial of Substance Designer and Painter and will likely be getting those soon, as they are really good for texturing things, much better than Blender for the purpose. 

In Topic: Blender like graphics editor

21 March 2015 - 08:21 PM

I get from the beginning post that it seems you are interested in something comparable to Blender, but 2d.  It seems like you want a vector program.  Illustrator is king in most circles(though it has a price tag) while Inkscape is one of the best free options.


Other 2d art programs are raster programs, which are based on pixels instead of Vectors.  There are many more of those, but I don't go into details because it isn't what I would say is "Blender alternative, but better 2d."  Honestly though, I'd think Blender can handle 2d just fine too.  You would want to learn the hotkeys though, for things like constraining movement on certain axes.

In Topic: LibGDX or Unity for my next game with my coding background

21 March 2015 - 08:17 PM

I would choose Unity as I like Unity.  The only reason I mention this post in the first place though...is that Unity is far from an "Advanced RPG Maker."  It is much more genre-agnostic, and in fully able to make anything without being optimized for any one genre.  And it doesn't have the whole limitations thing really, like forcing only one screen resolution, etc.. that RPG Maker had(don't know if it still does).

In Topic: Help Selecting a 3D Engine

21 March 2015 - 08:13 PM

Unity is probably your best bet.  It has everything I think you want except that you'd need a way to code the exportation to the server of the geometry.  Is this a custom thing that the player does?  Or could you just give the server what it needs beforehand?  Either way, Unity5 is still likely your best choice, but the answer would determine what methods you use.  In any case, networked games are generally a PITA from what I've seen so I wouldn't recommend it if it one of your first few games unless you are fond of pain...