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Retro(Sfxr/Bfxr) Sounds In A High Detailed 2d Game

22 May 2013 - 11:07 AM

I'm interested in opinion on this subject.  The graphics I'm referring too would be 3d rendered sprites, which I'm rendering with Blender.  The majority would be at the least 32x32, but most are closer to the 64x64 size, which allows for pretty high detail.  Now, sound effects on the other hand, I'm interested in using bxfr/sfxr for them.  The sound effects therefore would be more "retroish", and therefore wouldn't exactly match the visual style.


My question is, how do you(as potential game players) feel about this combination?  Are there any examples of games like this?  I know that the SNES games generally could be like this, but generally the sprites were lower detailed than this, and/or the sounds weren't quite as "retro" as the ones from sfxr.

Creating "Chains" of objects with smooth motion.

12 November 2012 - 07:48 PM

I'm making a game with Game Maker(Studio), but I understand C/C++ so that won't be a problem.

I'm looking at creating a bit of variety. Simple chains that follow a path are pretty easy, but what about chains that are more "wild." It seems like they are partly IK chain based, but I'm not so sure, considering that I don't think older platforms had enough power to really do IK with this many "links/bones" as these games have. So it seems to me that in general this should not be too difficult to do. I'm pretty sure it wasn't done pre-drawn, also considering the limited space constraints of these old platforms. I have found a few videos so you can see what I'm talking about.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUoAVtYn6GQ at time 1:54. The guy talking is pretty stupid sounding, but it is a good example, which is the scorpion boss from Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past(SNES) You can see the scorpion tail is "wagging" for the most part, but then gets shot out towards link.
http://www.youtube.c...?v=NcXuvqwIztc is the final boss to the SNES game BioMetal( a really difficult Shooter). You can see the "arm" chain thing at the bottom that moves around pretty fluid and random, and doesn't appear to follow a given path, or be constrained to an IK chain type thing either.
There are other examples, including bosses from the Contra series of games.
So, does anyone have any insight how to create this effect. I'm sure the ones where the chain objects simply follow the leader is easy, as you can simply have each one follow the next one in line, but how about the fluid circular motion, etc...?

Thanks in advance for the help.

[web] PHP and Text Files

22 November 2011 - 09:41 PM

I'm making some online games, but I need to want to a high score system to them. I know plenty of C++, and PHP looks similar enough I don't think I will have any problems learning to use it. The only part I'm having trouble with is the file operation. I'm planning on using a simple text file located on the server for this. I don't want to use an actual database because I think that is overkill for something that can easily be handled by a simple text file. Plus, I have a limited amount of MySQL Databases on my host.

Here's my issue. I've seen the PHP functions for reading/writing text files. They look very similar to ones used in C/C++. Of course, on a PC, most likely only one instance of a game is open, and so only one instance of the game would want access to the file. I'm not intending on keeping the files open for anything longer than the few milliseconds required to add/remove scores, but I'm afraid that if I got enough people playing my game at once, at some point more than one instance of my game will want to access that single file on my server.

My first solution would be to do things in a simple loop. If the file is not accessible, try again, until it is accessible. I don't think it would cause any problems that way, because there won't ever be so many playing the game that it would take more than a few iterations of the loop to get access to the file. But, it is an online world now. I'm guessing that somewhere there is some code, or functionality that allows for this kind of thing. For example, I know that using a database would allow instances to easily read/write records, and a MySQL database is already built with this kind of thing in mind. I'm also guessing that something similar may exist for simple text files, hence my question. Is there something I'm missing?? If not, would it be better for my to go ahead and use a single database for the high scores in all my games, or maybe I should just go ahead and implement a code loop for the text file access in the PHP code.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

Classic Games for an online game portal.

23 October 2011 - 01:21 PM

I'm looking for some game ideas to create for a website. This section of my website will be dedicated to the "earlier classics" back in the days of Atari 2600. I'm thinking games that are really easy to create, and easy to play. For example, Asteroids, Pac-Man, and similar. I would like to have at the least 10 games like this, but would gladly have plenty more. I intend to "recreate" the original gameplay, even though the graphics will not be the same. For example, for the Asteroids clone, I would only have the one weapon, the asteroids, and the random alien that comes every now and then. I may have a little more sound effects and graphics than the original, and I'm not going to exactly duplicate the games level by level, but I DO want to duplicate the gameplay. For some of the games, I may also create an "extended" version, that adds on things, for example in the case of asteroids, have different enemies, maybe make the screen area larger than 1 screen only, have weapons and/or powerups, etc... But I don't know if I'm going to do that for all games. Also, please note that the games don't HAVE to be on the Atari, but the general idea is that the games are similar in era and complexity. I'm looking for the "short and sweet" kind of games. So far, the following list is what I have. As I get ideas, I will add them to the list. Thanks in advance.

-Yar's Revenge
-Space Invaders
-Missile Command
-Duck Hunt

2D Top-Down Space Shooter Idea

04 February 2011 - 03:38 PM

I have an idea I would like to get some opinion and discussion on. It would be 2d, topdown in space. Basic navigation would be similar to asteroids, though probably due to the action, I would likely put some friction on the ship movement, maybe as an option, maybe not.

The objective of each level varies. Most of them involve collection of some resource(gold, some unknown substance, whatever I end up calling it). This thing you collect also powers your weapons. Your first step in a level is to build a base, which as you get more power/substance, needs to be leveled up, making it bigger, and therefore able to hold more of the stuff.

Every enemy in the game releases a certain amount of the stuff. You would use a weapon to "tag" it, making your "collector" come out of your base to pick up the "stuff". If someone else comes along and "tags" it for themself, then your collector no longer comes, rather goes to the next piece tagged for you, or back to base. This makes gameplay where you must either destroy or runoff the other guys. Also, if your collector gets destroyed en route it drops whatever it is carrying. The stuff would still be tagged, but is now open so someone else can tag it.

If, when you don't have enough "stuff" to reach the goal to win the level, there are no enemies left, you must take it from the other ships/guys. The way to do that is to destroy their bases, lowering the level. Say level one holds 100 units of the stuff, level two holds 200. Right now, their base is at level 2, and is holding 150 units of "stuff", then when you lower the level, because it can only hold 100 units, the other 50 gets tossed out. Sure, you still have to "tag" it for your collector, and you also need to protect your collector because the closer it gets to the enemy base, the more likely it may get shot down.

Assuming you actually have a base, you have unlimited ships, and unlimited collectors. Each level of base can hold a specific amount of collectors at a time, and if one gets destroyed, it rebuilds one to replace it. If your ship gets destroyed, another is built out of the base. The catch is that you are now at the base, and so whatever you were doing you may have to start again. For example, if you were in the middle of a maze, you start over, or maybe a boss regenerates its health. Also, it gives the other ships a chance to "tag" the stuff you were tagging, and depending on how close to the opposing base it is, possibly their collectors have time to pick it up.

About enemies, there are likely to be a good variety, including bosses. They will leave varying amounts of the "stuff" according to how strong they are. The enemies are "neutral" in the sense that they will treat you and the other ships the same. For example, some will not care at all, until you attack them, and then the whole species will attack you, your base, your collectors, etc... Some of those may also be able to get distracted, as in if another ship attacks them, they will no longer attack you. Others are more hostile and attack anything without regard. Others will have variance in the above, for example where they will only attack you if attacked, and others of the species will not be notified, unless they are within visual range to see it.

There will be a variety of weapons, and possibly different levels of weapons. Each one pulls off of the same power(which depends on how much of the "stuff" you have collected). Of course, the weak ones use much less power, but do less damage. The strong ones you may not be able to even fire when you first enter a level, until you collect enough of the stuff. For sure weapons are the tagging weapon, and the base creation/level up weapon. Besides those, there will likely be some kind of laser weapon, a fireball of sorts, possibly something electricity based. Others could involve sonic waves of a sort. There could also be homing type weapons. I like the idea of having certain weapons have no effect on certain barriers, and other weapons go through, so maybe fireballs would be stopped, but lightning/electricity goes right through. Also, certain enemies could be invulnerable to certain weapons, and/or weak to other weapons.

There will also be "utility" types, which involve temporary shields, a health boost in the field, a turbo boost, a sort of warp(to and from the base, to temporarly go back and heal, and return to the same spot). Maybe a bounce back on weapons, in order to bounce certain weapons, like fireballs back to whoever fired them. Another could be a "targeting" computer that you target the nearest enemy, and your ship automatically follows it around always facing toward it. This would not be able to break speed limits, so if the enemy is faster, you won't be able to stay, but it will keep orientation, so anytime you fire, you are firing towards the targetted enemy.

The last group could be "structure" type things. For example, you could boost your base's defense by building extra turrets, which will only fire on enemies. You could also build some of these as part of an assault on either a boss or another ship's base. There would be different types of turrets, with different life spans, and different weapons. But, once destroyed, they are destroyed. I'm thinking on how these would affect your "stuff", would they be a massive usage, that eventually refills like when you use weapons, or would it be like a temporary "hold" on your power, which doesn't return until the turret gets destroyed.

I know this was a long post, but maybe it will spark some ideas. If the concepts remind you of the really old 3d game(1995ish) Magic Carpet, it is because I did get influence from what I remember of that game. Of course I have made some changes to the concept for my personal use.