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Journal de S'Greth > Particles!

Posted 19 August 2005

Spent last night starting a particle system framework. I've made 3D particle systems in the past for rain, lighting, and sparks. With that in mind, I'm doing a 2D game, but trying to keep the core graphics library 3D-centric. Currently I'm working on the basic particle emitter types and then I'll tie them in with the particle system and particle...

Journal de S'Greth > Level Backgrounds...check

Posted 18 August 2005

I tossed in editor support for picking a level background and then the game engine support to draw it. All I need now is a score counter and I'd have a very basic shell of a game! After which of course comes the fun part...polish & eye-candy (the fun parts).

I started implementing support to stream OggVorbis files using OpenAL and then I found a fantastic...

Journal de S'Greth > A little audio for breakfast

Posted 14 August 2005

I got the basics of my OpenAL wrapper finished yesterday. I added support into the editor to assign a sound when a block is hit. I tossed in support over in the game as well to play the sound when the block is hit.

The only major bug/stumbling point I hit was that you can de-allocate an OpenAL sound buffer while it's currently in use by a source.I...

Journal de S'Greth > More brick bouncing

Posted 10 August 2005

Slowly moving forwards is better than sitting idle :)

I've been throwing bits & pieces of code together, but not at the rate I want to really progress. At any rate, I've got the basics of a level editor in place, it exports 'em and now the game will start up and load up the demo level. Granted, there are no bonuses, power ups, sound, or special effects,...

Journal de S'Greth > Save/Load

Posted 27 July 2005

Nothin' huge tonight, but it's kinda nice to see results. I cooked up save/load logic for the editor. I also somehow managed to sneak in a good solid hour+ of guildwars. AND I'm getting to bed before 11 PM...remember I have a child who'll wake me up at 6:30, so 11 is pretty much the end of the road for me :P

Now that I can create the basic 'shape' of a...