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CC Ricers

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Electronic Meteor > Weekly update of Top Down Shooter

Posted 12 April 2013

It's been almost two weeks since I started my new game (and I originally wanted to post this on Sunday), and so far the progress has been disappointingly unproductive. At least it has been for the coding and implementation. I've been reading articles on Entity-Component Systems for games. Most of my time was spent planning out components and a few systems...

Electronic Meteor > One Game A Month: Here comes a new game project!

Posted 03 April 2013

What? Another game already? That's right, but this one will not be as big as my racing game project, which I expect to be ongoing for several months and likely at least a year. No, this game will be a short-term project, only planned for one month as part of the One Game A Month  quest. I want to get in the habit of finishing games quicker. (Maybe then...

Electronic Meteor > Terrain picking solved

Posted 28 March 2013

Guess I spoke too soon about wondering how to go about picking parts of the terrain, because I figured it out! As I'm going to be using BEPU for the physics engine, I just let BEPU do the dirty work. Using it to create a terrain height field and doing ray intersection testing is pretty intuitive. Storing 4 million points is no problem for it, but I may lo...

Electronic Meteor > Hitting the crossroads

Posted 27 March 2013

Long post ahead!  This will mention several things. First, I still want to keep working on Meteor Engine but doing it concurrently with a game means I will not put as much time into it as I once did. However I will try to keep you updated in a better manner, so to seperate game progress from engine progress, I will be headlining them separately. (A chang...

Electronic Meteor > The current game plan

Posted 20 March 2013

Bye-bye geo-clipmaps, here comes geo-mipmapping! I've converted my terrain rendering code to use it from now on. It's not fully completed but the basics work. I just need to fix up the holes that appear in the borders between different detail meshes. The terrain code has just gotten a lot more complex since I first started out. While it only still support...