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CC Ricers

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Electronic Meteor > Back to Project SeedWorld

Posted 13 April 2015

My hobby programming plate was kind of full at one moment. In addition to the game idea I have for Project SeedWorld, I have started working on a Pong-based game for Mini LD 58, and I also have my open-source Bummerman game. Though not a serious project, I plan to hold on to it to learn multiplayer networking code. Mini LD is already over, so I can go bac...

Electronic Meteor > Bummerman source code released, still an ongoing project

Posted 20 March 2015

I have released my first open source game code to GitHub for my Bomberman clone, Bummerman. Here is the project link:

This game uses MonoGame 3.2 for the build, and the Lidgren network library. The solution is set up for a Windows/Windows 8 build- I'm not yet able to try to build it for Linux of Mac OS X.

What started out as a small side proj...

Electronic Meteor > Bomberman running on the updated ECS framework

Posted 17 March 2015

I've been going back to work on my Entity-Component-System framework. Aside from being a side project, I will also plan to use it for my voxel platform game. I've already created a Minimum Viable Product using it, which is the Bomberman clone game I mentioned a few posts back . Animations are still very buggy, and there is no AI implemented, but a barebon...

Electronic Meteor > More fun with shaders, and a new direction for SeedWorld

Posted 10 March 2015

Here's what I have been working on for the past week:


Just a 3D scene of space. But all programmed in HLSL! I have been inspired by Iñigo Quílez's work and also his other website, ShaderToy with the impressive technical approaches to computer art, and wanted to learn a new way to put my shader coding ab...

Electronic Meteor > Generic Planning Post #1

Posted 02 March 2015

This post is just to spill my general thoughts out there on what I am doing in the gamedev world, since now I have several things that I'd like to do.

Project SeedWorld is still ongoing as a voxel engine but I am not yet sure on what direction the game should be heading. It is meant to be an RPG, but some similar games such as Forge Quest look a lot like...