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CC Ricers

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Electronic Meteor > SeedWorld (voxel world engine) update 2

Posted 15 December 2014

One week later into my voxel engine, which I now call the SeedWorld engine, I am still facing a lot of technical issues but still made a lot of progress. I finally have a octave noise function that I am very satisfied with, in creating those very believable rolling hills you see a lot in procedural landscapes. Here is the breakdown of the current technica...

Electronic Meteor > Jumping into the voxel world

Posted 09 December 2014

I'm decided to go back XNA for my shooter game on Windows 7. Two reason why: Using custom effects is unwieldy with Monogame in Windows 7, and I'm wasting my time trying to figure out why they are not being built correctly, and making my game multi-platform is more of a long term goal. MonoGame is more geared to porting or writing code on platforms that do...

Electronic Meteor > Moving to MonoGame and Planning the AI

Posted 24 November 2014

I guess it's pretty soon after my last journal entry, but I've been quick at progress with my game code the past couple of days. First of all I finally got the Entity-Component System code working in the project.

In more detail:
PlayerSystem sets movement and commands for all players
For AI, PlayerAction chooses a target out of a list of possible targe...

Electronic Meteor > From Puppies to Bullets: real-time pixels and CES

Posted 19 November 2014

Moving right into making a new game to revive my C# and XNA skills, I decided to go with a top-down view shooter. I already have a code base to start with, which includes some basic AI. The AI is a big one for me, since as long as I could remember I have avoided this subject and haven't really done anything with it. It's one of the areas of game developme...

Electronic Meteor > Returning to form?

Posted 18 November 2014

What's going on everyone! I haven't touched this journal (or this website) for over a year. I also had a blog that I stopped updating for just as long. For those followers that still remember me, you might be wondering what has happened?

Well, during the time here when I was game coding and taking about coding, I was working freelance as a web developer...