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Litheon's Journal > Real-Time Local Reflections

Posted 29 January 2012

I've been experimenting a little bit with Real-Time Local Reflections (RLR) (or Screen Space Reflections).
With this technique you ray trace in screen space to approximate local...

Litheon's Journal > PIX: How to circumvent D3DPERF_SetOptions

Posted 09 November 2011

I think we are all on this website because we are in a constant urge for knowledge.
And then it is possible that in our journey we encounter this:

Posted Image

This happens if you use PIX on an application that uses the D3DPERF_SetOptions(1) function to disable profiling/analysis tools.


Litheon's Journal > Glass Window Container

Posted 08 November 2011

When I was playing Portal 2 I was intrigued by the light window containers in the...