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In Topic: Book suggestion - 3d math only

07 February 2012 - 10:59 AM


Thanks, am pretty comfortable with the math side, just didn't know which book to buy over another...

In Topic: dissertation - research question

15 December 2008 - 01:36 AM

Original post by capn_midnight
What you're talking about would be a very basic application of Service Oriented Architecture to video games. There are plenty of games that already do in-game advertising, which would require the ability to load textures on-the-fly. Rainbow Six Vegas comes to mind as an example that does it well, while fighting down Fremont Street the billboards and signs all have real advertisements on them. As for dynamic content, I'm pretty sure Spore does this.

Personally, based on what you've described so far, I would suggest you change your topic. As a CS dissertation goes, what you've described is rather underwhelming; there's not much Science left to explore in those areas. If you're at a loss for a project, you could pick up a few journals in your field of concentration (if you're interested in CG, SIGGRAPH publishes one), and find out what's going on. If this is an undergraduate research project, find a brand-new technique paper that someone else wrote, and duplicate their results. It's a perfectly reasonable project idea, fits well into the scope of undergrad research projects, and fulfills a need that is drastically under serviced. If this is a graduate level research project, hopefully scanning through the papers will give you an idea for where you can extend the state of the art.

edit: ah, you must be working on an undergraduate project. You wouldn't have only a single semester to do graduate level research project. Heaven help you if you did.

:) thanks capn_midnight, yes its undergrad, they are giving us 3 months solid to work on it :S.

As to your suggestions I will look into SIGGRAPH, and the games will certainly need reviewing, lucky for me the gf has spore! I'm fairly glad this area has been covered in some detail, means I have a lot to start reading.

One thing I do pose is perhaps extending this Service Oriented Architecture to include interaction (Event Driven Architecture?), such as click-&-buy, or even click and find, so for example in teaching games which take you to Wikipedia definitions of objects when clicked, outside the program. I noticed this was something Oracle and Sun were looking into as part of SOA 2.0.

I will take this to my tutor, but I think I have finally started to understand what I need to do for my dissertation research, there is now lots to read up on :).

cptn_midnight, your words prove to be invaluable :),

In Topic: Camera Problems

13 December 2008 - 10:35 PM

thanks Bitshift, appreciate it :)

In Topic: :S Can anyone convert my .max file to .3ds?

14 October 2008 - 08:46 AM

hehe! im new to this modelling stuff, was really just playing about with this one, thanks Zero, i will make a point to check poly counts, especially if i want to use it for any real time stuff ;) & thanks cloud i will tone it down for use in labs!


In Topic: :S Can anyone convert my .max file to .3ds?

12 October 2008 - 10:27 PM

oh, thanks, sorry :)