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Stompy's Gamedev Journal > !

Posted 23 February 2009

Added the warning system to the game for incoming attacks:

The timing is just right, so if you press the block button right when the exclamation mark appears, you'll block the attack(that's only a temporary graphic, I'll probably replace it with something else later). Of course, if multiple opponents are attacking in a group, trying to block all of...

Stompy's Gamedev Journal > Back from playing too much Street Fighter

Posted 09 February 2009

So, about a month ago I decided to take a break from working on my game, which ended up being a break from working on games in general. I had worked quite a bit on my beat em up, remaking the fighting system for a third time, and was feeling like the game wasn't as fun as I was hoping. This week I loaded up the compiler for the first time in...

Stompy's Gamedev Journal > Oh...playstation

Posted 22 December 2008

So, the semester is over and it's back to work. As a start, here are some randomly generated characters to fight:

From my point of view, it's very good that all of the characters, both player and enemy, use the profiles, because it means the sprites are shared between all of them. That means if I draw a new move, I only will have to draw it once...

Stompy's Gamedev Journal > Beat em up Hero...person

Posted 03 December 2008

One of the original concepts that I wanted in Fists of Justice was the ability of the player to create their own character to use in the game. Ever since I was playing 2D beat em ups on the Genesis, I wanted to be able to play one of these games as a character that I made. I had scrapped the concept initially because I thought it would be too hard...

Stompy's Gamedev Journal > Shoryuken?

Posted 25 November 2008

So...it's been a long time since I posted any progress, but I have been working quite a bit on the game:

I got a new enemy type in the game, the beginnings of a combo system, and a life bar for the player. Up next, I want to get weapons working, something that I've been putting off for awhile, but that I really want to have in the game.