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Crawling with ideas > CARDBOARD ROBOTS OF DOOM!

Posted 28 November 2014

Welcome back!

Last time I have created a software for communicating with my Arduino using HC-05 bluetooth module. Now that I have had that prepared, it was time to do some serious work. It was time to create the robotic arm itself!

Now, I have never done any robots before, so I didn't knew where to start. I've looked at some instructables and saw simple...

Crawling with ideas > Ahh! What a fine day, for SCIENCE!

Posted 27 November 2014

Hello there, journal, long time no see.

As always, I've been busy. Currently doing full time job, running four projects alongside, studying bioinformatics and raising a kid http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png

After re-watching Dexter's Laboratory, I felt urge to go back to electronics for a bit. I may not have lab hid...

Crawling with ideas > Rapid Game Prototyping

Posted 31 July 2014

Journal stuff:

And back to coding again. As always, quick summary of what has happened recently: I've changed job, moved out from my city, and now I have the luxury of remote work from a house in a village. I'm coding, leaning back in a deck chair and listening to the trees (Ok, that's not necessarily true - right now I'm listening to Pink Floyd. But be...

Crawling with ideas > World in 7 days, Days 2, 3 and 4: Stars and planetary systems

Posted 27 February 2014

I haven't updated in long time but this doesn't mean I haven't worked. In fact, I am splitting my work hours between this project and GAMIFICATOR™ ;) and I'm now on day 4 of making world.

Currently my galaxy can hold up to 5.4 * 10^13 stars (that's a lot). You can check out the most current version HERE (click me) , the seed is set so no voice-created un...

Crawling with ideas > GAMIFICATOR

Posted 09 February 2014

Quick break from World making . Normal service will resume shortly.

So, as I looked at my life and noticed that I'm not getting ridiculously rich fast enough, I decided that I need to do something with it. I am going to gym, I study new things a lot (lately bioinformatics, astronomy, and cryptography, MOOCs are fun!), I help my friend with his project....