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#5039892 New forum - Coding Horrors

Posted by on 06 March 2013 - 01:13 AM

if (x^2>0) then patato else tomato

is it supid enough for this new forum ? ^^

Sorry =)


This is stupid because the answer is always potatoph34r.png

Of course you can replace patato with tomato. If you prefer tomato. Do you like patato ?


Wrong. Your code is obfuscated way of checking if (x != 0)


I can't find the screenshot any more, but in one of my past companies, we had cool functions like this one:

int GetID()
    return 4;


and this function would be overloaded for each and every object, with different (well, not always, as I noticed during debugging), typed by hand (sometimes commented // this ID is 4!) value.