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WoA 3 (2015) > Up in Flames

Posted 10 August 2015

Guess what week I find out my Unity install is corrupted?

That's right! The same week I don't have the spare hard disk space to re-install all 6 GB of it (x2; download and final installation). Not so long as I *want* a page file anyways. And the same week I only have 35 hours to sink into a contest project. And the same week I find out the 3-month deadli...

WoA 3 (2015) > Death is Useful

Posted 09 August 2015

So, this year's theme. "Death is Useful". Lots comes to mind immediately, but I have to pick something.

I'd prefer to do a Strategy or Puzzle game. The former requires semi-smart AI and the latter requires either procedural generation or authored levels. I'm not sure I have the time to do any kind of planning AI, let alone do it in a framework which I do...

WoA 3 (2015) > Run-Up Re-Education

Posted 04 July 2015

So, with my entry to the WoA III, I plan on polishing up my skills in preparation. I haven't done any real game work that actually had a end-user-like UI in a few years, just lots of backend stuff and non-game-like UIs.

I'm reinstalling Blender, reviewing my old Unity experiments, and experimenting a bunch with what Unity does and doesn't give me "for fr...