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Lazy Foo

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Designing a graphics programming portfolio

22 February 2015 - 10:22 PM

So as a personal side project I want create a bunch of graphics demos to portfolio-ize my graphics knowledge. I wanted some suggestions in terms of what to put in it. I want have three categories of demos:


Basic - What you expect any first year prrofessional game graphics programmer to be able to do.

Intermediate - If you were to take all the professional graphics programmers in the industry and sort them by ability, everybody on the good half of the bell curve would be able to do these demos.

Advanced - What you'd expect a senior level graphics programmer be able to do.


This is what I have planned for basic demos:

-Mesh Loading

-Gouraud Shading

-Phong Shading


-Texture Mapping


-Normal Mapping

-Cube Mapping

-Cell Shading


-Shadow Mapping


-Image Post Processing


-Deferred shading

-Anti Aliasing


-Skeletal Animation


Is there any other basic demos I should add in?


I plan on getting through the basic graphics demos and then do some AI demos as part of another project. I'll probably revist the graphics project when DX12/GLNext roll around and then add some intermediate/advanced demos to the mix. I could also use suggestions for intermediate/advanced demos.

Looking to build a development new rig soon

17 August 2014 - 02:35 PM

So my current rig is getting on in age and has already had it's video card go out so I am in the market to put together a new one. I don't really keep up with the hardware trends and I have had bad luck when timing my purchases. Back when I bought my first computer with my own money, literally 3 weeks later the stores were flooded with shiny new multicores and I was stuck with a single core.


So what I am looking for:

-Price range: $1500-$1800

-A GPU that'll be able to run the latest DirectX/OpenGL APIs for a decent amount of time.

-I am starting to study 3D animation so I would like something that will work well with 3DSmax/Maya.

-Something with good Linux compatibility. I'll probably be running Xubuntu.


So any recommendations for parts? Is now a good time to buy? Anything I want to avoid?

Good Direct3D 11 book for someone who already knows OpenGL

11 January 2014 - 03:06 PM

So I usually try to keep things cross platform by using OpenGL and other non-proprietary libraries, but my current job has me poking around in a lot of DirectX code.While there's quite a few similarities and I was able to be productive relatively quickly, I would like something that gives me an overview of how the API works.


So I am looking for a book that's good for someone who uses primarily UNIX and cross platform APIs and wants to start working with Win32/DirectX11.

HTML5 game development tools

05 March 2013 - 12:39 PM

   So I'm working on a new project that uses HTML5/JavaScript/Cocos2D. I've dabbled in Javascript before but I've never done anything large enough to warrant any tools more complex than notepad++.


   Now that I'm doing something real time, I am missing the features I had in IDEs like Visual Studio or even Code Blocks. Are there any tools that can:


-Check syntax so I know my my code will execute without having to refresh the page.

-Auto complete so I don't have to constantly flip back to the documentation to see what an an object's members are or what a function's arguments are.

-Multi-browser support so I can see what my code will run like multiple browsers without having to open multiple windows.

-Anything that make supporting internet explorer easier.


   I am on windows, but if there's anything on OSX or Linux I can work in those environments. Open Source or free is prefered but I may be able to actually purchase some software if it'll save me the time.

So web development got merged with general programming

09 June 2012 - 05:01 PM

I remember there being web dev forum back in the day, I was surprised to see it gone when I need to do some research. This is bad timing for me at least considering I have been in talks to make web games with HTML5.

So is there any chance to bring it back? Games like Farmville rake in goo-gobs money and other browser based games are bigger than they were years ago. Web based games have specific issues like dealing with browser compatibility and server issues.

With the uniqueness of it's dev issues, it continued relevance in the industry, and the specialized skills it takes to make them, I don't see how Web Development doesn't deserve it's own forum over say Production and Management or APIs and Tools.