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In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

10 May 2016 - 09:00 AM

Rome was polytheistic and noted as one of the greatest empires of all time because of their unity as a "roman", they were proud of the state, not a specific religion(there's your nationalism/patriotism), not over a god. They expanded for tangible goods and land, not to impose a religion of "one true god". In fact one of the attributed down falls of the Roman empire was the adoption of Christianity, which literally split the empire in two.(but that is altogether a different story, but shows the impact of religion on a culture).

This is the narrative that Gibson suggested, and it's laughably flawed by today's standards. 


Entire armies would refuse to do battle until the Sacred Chickens had been consulted and reported back favorably. (I'm not making this up, a priest would feed chickens a corn cake, and if the chickens ate it, the gods were pleased). If grown men would refuse to do battle on what a chicken said to them, I find that as religious or more religious than most examples of Christianity. (Again, let me repeat, they would ignore state and civil duties because a chicken refused to eat cake)


The Eastern and Western Empires were two different beasts, and that conclusion is evidenced by how the Romans themselves split it between two Emperors. Gibson's thesis conveniently ignores that the Eastern Empire lasted until the late 1400's, and was equally Christian as the Western Empire. Again, Gibson portrays the Eastern Empire as a thousand years of decline, but come on. There's no decline that lasts a thousand years.

In Topic: About game design

10 May 2016 - 08:11 AM

I think a specialized graphics tablet is not very useful for anyone who isn't familiar with other forms of traditional artwork. Tablets really don't make you an artist, nor do they improve art all that much, they are simply a specialized controller that helps artists produce art faster. Honestly, with so many inexpensive normal tablets around, I don't see a reason a non-artist needs a drawing tablet. A non-artist often doesn't have the skill to get the benefit of pressure sensitive input and surface area is way more important than pressure sensitivity anyways. A larger, cheaper, non-pressure sensitive tablet would be better for art than a smaller, pressure sensitive one.


If you're into programming, a technical book focused on game programming would probably be a better gift.

If you're into game design, then maybe a book on game theory or design. 

Or just more hardware. A faster computer or more RAM is always nice. 

I'd say more software, but I don't think there's any software within normal people spending reach anymore. It's either free or enterprise. 

Or even an ebook reader for your technical books. 

In Topic: Gamedev Barbie

01 February 2016 - 09:50 AM


To their credit,


To their discredit, they do this kind of shit all the time.


I'm sure there are plenty other ways to explain game design and programming for 5 year olds without the sexist crap


Barbie is an easy target, because those children who enjoy Barbie are not exactly into defying gender stereotypes, and she reflects her demographic. At the same time, she was a doctor at a time when women were doctoresses. She was an astronaut when American astronauts were restricted to men.  She offers a lot of career choices that are / were typically thought of as male. And there are no boy version of Barbie, where boys are introduced to actual career choices they might pursue at a later date. (Unless being a fur speedo barbarian is a career choice)


And compared to her competitors, she's as liberal as they come. Moxie(formally Bratz), don't seem to do anything besides fashion. And Monster High almost goes back to ancient Roman practices, where all the dolls are introduced by who their father is.  (For example Boo York is the daughter of the Rat King and Cleo de Nile is daughter of the Mummy). 

In Topic: Gamedev Barbie

01 February 2016 - 05:55 AM

I came for the BBQ but stayed for the progressive role model.

I wonder how this will go down after they royally fucked up the accompanying story :
Basically what happens is she designs a game, but can't code it without her guy friends' help, infects her own and her sister's computers with a virus by accident (lolol), has her guy friends help her fix both of them, and then takes all the credit for the game and fixed computers in the end.

To their credit, the ghost author who wrote that was told Barbie was a game designer, rather than a software engineer. And while it's not the most empowering thing ever written, it does show what one kind of game designer does. As accurate as a book for 5 year olds can. 


Someone decided to switch the title from game designer to software engineer before it was published. Maybe because it sounded better, even though those things are not at all the same. 

In Topic: If you had a magic button, what would it do?

31 January 2016 - 09:29 AM

Time roll-back without losing memory capability (:

I really like this one, but I want to my own catch. 


You can go backwards, but you are outside time, so you age normally during rollbacks while everyone else ages as if time has reversed. So if you are on your deathbed, and you age to a child, you'll still be an old man. It's just everyone else would be a child. 


There's been time warping in games, but I am unaware of any where the consequence was less than just not being able to use it.