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#4888743 How well do graduates from top universities perform and how does it feel comp...

Posted by Binomine on 29 November 2011 - 06:14 AM

May I have a chance to get on their level if I keep learning through experience and self-study?

You're making a rookie mistake.

It's not the knowledge that's the killer feature of the university system. It's the social aspect. By being in a university, I got to meet the tip top people in their fields. That, and the ability to work on cutting edge research that you wouldn't really have thought about by yourself.

As far as large university vs. small, there's less competition in a smaller university, but then there's less opportunity. You might have to work on something that is absolutely not interesting, even if it's important.

#4881359 Are 99%ers poking fingers at a failure of capitalism?

Posted by Binomine on 07 November 2011 - 05:41 AM

[Wow, that sounds really broken.

Most Americans don't realize that their medical care is negotiable, since most of the people just pay a big insurance company to do it for them, so most people don't understand the problems facing our health care system.

It's unethical for a doctor to prescribe treatments based on money, so they are usually separate from the whole billing process. It's kind of weird, since pharma companies advertise directly to doctors knowing they want to sell a more expensive product, but doctors often don't get cost information, so they wind up doing seriously broken things.

Since insurance companies are large customers of hospitals, they can haggle about price like any other commodity. Then add our governmental insurance (medicaid / medicare) , which also negotiates price, and the whole system is really broken from top down. A lot of hospital policies are based on price haggling, and usually the nurse's and doctor's unions fighting for patient care, although most of the workers are outside this process along with pretty much anyone with insurance.

#4841498 What do you think about the Revelation?

Posted by Binomine on 28 July 2011 - 03:48 AM

After thinking about this for a while, the following occurred to me.

People in general can be classified into two groups. 1) Those who believe what they're forced to believe based on observation, analysis, and reason; and 2) Those who believe things because they prefer a universe in which those things are true to a universe in which those things aren't.

I've read something that comes basically the same thing, but expressed it as the meta-confidence. How confident a person is about their confidence.

Those people who are confident that they are correct, and those who are not confident that they can believe what they know. Both will believe the Earth is flat, but one knows the Earth is flat, because they are confident that they know the Earth is flat, while the other group accepts the Earth is flat until evidence comes their way.

#4814196 If you could see any movie made into a video game

Posted by Binomine on 22 May 2011 - 05:04 AM

You actually liked Majora's Mask? Hmmmm first person I've ever met that actually liked that one.

I think lots of people enjoyed Majora's Mask, it's just that there's a few places where it loses it's steam.(Namely the water temple), which makes it less enjoyable than many other in the series.

#4806345 What MMO is most dimilar to Dofus?

Posted by Binomine on 04 May 2011 - 04:48 AM

What about the Gold box games? Curse of the Azure Bonds being my favorite of the group.

One MMORPG that may qualify is neverwinter nights from AOL. I think it's only single player, but it allowed multi-player parties to fight the environment. Forgotten World is a remake that is playable, and it's playable single player with a hacked copy.