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Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Adding a companion.

Posted 05 March 2016

There are three heroes in my game. They all move the same. Move the limbs -> thus the torso moves. Enter the robotic companion . The Robot idea came from the observation that sometimes you need a little push to make your character go through some obstacle or reach a destination. I consider the idea of having an almighty hand available for "cheati...

Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Even more changes to first 6 levels.

Posted 28 January 2016

I made several small changes to all levels, trying to smooth any rough edges the testers find. One problem with this approach: The games are going to be painted (as in, no tiles or reusable pieces). That means everytime I change a level, a (theoretical) artist should change their drawings and reexport them, which is not good. Not only that, since th...

Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Smoothing out level 2 and 3.

Posted 12 January 2016

Today there was some level design progress!  Based on some feedback, I've been working on the levels to solve details that players are striggling with.

The second level had a few problems:  * The wording of the mission briefing made people believe that they had to get out of the pod. This was fixed not only by rewriting it but by attachin...

Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > New Demo out.

Posted 07 January 2016

It's been a long time since I posted. I've been making significant changes based on some feedback received.

There's a new alpha demo out in case you want to try it: www.themostposerheroes.com (<-- do you have some spare time? feedback will be really appreciated!!)

The big main difference is that now the story starts out in space.


Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > GUI/Tools programming vs Game programming

Posted 08 October 2015

Dear diary...

I've been doing a lot of GUI/tool programming for the last two months (mainly building a level/character/campaing editor).
And I have noticed a huge difference in my mental state while programming GUI/tools sutff.

As in, when I'm programming games, I'm constantly on my toes: "Is this efficient? Am I making a copy of this? What O(n) is thi...