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Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > GUI/Tools programming vs Game programming

Posted 08 October 2015

Dear diary...

I've been doing a lot of GUI/tool programming for the last two months (mainly building a level/character/campaing editor).
And I have noticed a huge difference in my mental state while programming GUI/tools sutff.

As in, when I'm programming games, I'm constantly on my toes: "Is this efficient? Am I making a copy of this? What O(n) is thi...

Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Character Editor is done

Posted 26 September 2015

It was very simple to create since I had all the screens ready.
I just separated three screens form the Level Editor (Image Editor, Part Editor and Object Editor) and packed them into a Character Editor.


Now you can create your own...

Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Level Editor done.

Posted 23 September 2015

The level editor is done.

It took me a lot longer that I estimated, but I have everything in place now so hopefully I can start focusing on level design.

It is divided in several "screens". The Image Editor lets you load files, set their UV coords, set origin, and if they are animated sprites you can attach them animations.


Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Building a level editor.

Posted 06 August 2015

I've been delaying the Level Editor for too long. Always with the excuse that I had better things to do, or that I only needed one or two ore levels for the demo, so it was a waste to make a full editor right now, and I could survive with manually modifying txt file for now.

Well, excuses are over and now a full editor is needed to start the development...

Too dumb to make it, too dumb to quit. > Brutal Soul-Crashing Dream-Destroyer Feedback required.

Posted 31 July 2015

I finally managed to put together a 6 level early build of The Most Poser Heroes.


Please, I need brutally honest feedback. Yeah, the one that destroys your soul and dreams.

Here is an old trailer, and here are gifs and screenshots....