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Journal of hothead > Linux and artwork..!

Posted 02 May 2005

I started downloading Suse Linux 3-5 hours ago, and am only around 0.9 percent done. It should be done in a couple of days [wink]. back in popular demand! Here is some artwork!!!1

Journal of hothead > artwork..or is it?

Posted 12 March 2005

I've made several paddle's for breakout, finally! I'm making a game!. Here's a look at the one currently going through my testing - I know, it's horrible, but it was _the_ best one I've made in 45 minutes..Any comments on how to improve my artwork?


Journal of hothead > OpenGL!

Posted 11 February 2005

Man, I hope I'm doing this OpenGL thing right, it's a lot different than doing graphics with SDL.I'm going to try to finish a project soon[smile].here is what I have so far

Journal of hothead > sprites!

Posted 27 January 2005

I made some sprites for an upcoming try.

Journal of hothead > API madness!!

Posted 19 January 2005

I'm having trouble figuring out which API I like better!I have tried allegro,SDL,and Win32 I think I like Win32 the best :P.do people really comment a lot when you write HITLER?