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Journal of Mussi > The No-OOP back to basics experiment

Posted 13 April 2016

I'm about to embark on a journey where I let go of the typical way I program and try something radically different as an experiment. I've been programming for a little over 15 years now and I have grown tremendously, but recently I've felt like I haven't been as productive as I've been in the past. This feeling has become stronger watching Casey Muratori...

Journal of Mussi > Week of Awesome III - Post Mortem

Posted 17 August 2015

The week of awesome is over, although it was more like day of awesome for me due to an extremely busy period of my life. If you haven't checked my game out yet, you can download it here , will probably take you only 5 minutes to get through http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png .

So, you have a day, maybe two, what do you...

Journal of Mussi > Week of Awesome III - Input and States

Posted 16 August 2015

So I've gotten around to implementing input and a sort of state machine, For input I've implemented the Levenshtein distance algorithm to allow for typos or misspellings or even conjugations. It'll also allow for another interesting mechanic: I'm planning on putting some timer based events into the story, where you have to act fast or die, e.g. running a...

Journal of Mussi > Week of Awesome III - Initial ground work

Posted 15 August 2015

So, I've set up some initial ground work for my text based game. As I mentioned previously, I'm using the ImGui library. At the time of this posting there's no support for multi-line colored text, so I had to write that myself. I went for an approach where I can just place tags within a string to colorize sections of the string, much like html tags. Took...

Journal of Mussi > Week of Awesome III - Preliminary

Posted 14 August 2015

I wasn't planning on joining this year due to time constraints, but seeing everyone getting their game on got me so excited, I just had to get into the fray! Considering my limited time, I've decided on doing a simple text based game. I'll only be able to work for a day or so in the weekend, but I think I can crunch something out in that time.

I'm planni...