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In Topic: Are There Any Video Tutorials for Coding Level Editors?

26 April 2013 - 11:41 AM

Well, I also used wings3D.  I actually have a seperate tool that allows you to load .OBJ files from Wings3D and then animate them in my custom format for my game engine.  that said, you could do something like export into .OBJ file and load them into your editor.  I too find Blender hard, but I'm not an artist, and can barely model anything.  Just some basic buildings and such......


I think you taking a look at OpenGL, GLFW (for getting the window and gameloop up and running), HightMaps, .Obj files, should be more than enough to get a world editor up.

In Topic: Are There Any Video Tutorials for Coding Level Editors?

25 April 2013 - 07:56 PM

Sorry (couldn't figure out how to edit my previous post).


I thought I might help guide you with some terms you can google and research.  I don't know how much knowedlge you have in Game programming or even 3D graphics. (since that's the map editor you want to make).  To start small, you can make the terrain out of something called a Heightmap.  You could create this with an algorithim, generate it in code, or even load it from an image.  If you want more control, you can raise lower vertices in your world editor tool.



And for rendering you could use Direct3D or OpenGL.  Or you can look at Ogre3D if you want a Rendering Library.  Once you understand how to Render triangles in a 3D space, you could start working on your world editor.  Again it's hard to gauge how much of this stuff you already know, so Sorry if I'm repeating things that you are already aware of.

In Topic: Are There Any Video Tutorials for Coding Level Editors?

25 April 2013 - 07:49 PM

I don't know of any specific tutorials.  I feel like a World Editor tool is best used with a game in mind.  You could use something like Unity which has an Editor to make any game, but thats the reason to try out Unity.  If you want to create your own, you need to think of your game or what you want to use it for, what features you want.  And program it like you would any game.


Every world edtior is really going to have a few common parts. 


-You need a way to visually see the world.  Be it a 2D world or a 3D world.

-You need UI (buttons, dropdowns, textboxes).

-You need a way to import and export data.  (meshes, the scenegraph, etc).



I just finished a custom world edtior for my 3D RPG game I worked on.  RPG's need a ton of tools and features, so I decieded for one monolithic tool: my World Editor.  I had features such as


-Placing Objects (Trees, Rocks, bridges).......

-Placing NPCs

-Placing Enemies

-Editing Enemy Data (Hp, attack, loot, gold, exp)

-Designing Quests (start text, end text, start NPC, end NPC, loot, gold, exp)

-Assigning Quests to NPCs

-Sculpting the Terrain (raising lowering terrain, smoothing, flattining)

-Painting textures on Terrain (Paint rock texture on side of cliffs, or a dirt road, or sandy beaches near the water)

-Desgning Items (Item stats like Str, Wis, Def, Attack, Agi, Int, equipment slot, icon etc.....)



Now, this was all very specific to my project.  But using this tool, I could design the world, nay the game, exactly how I envisoned it.  Down to controlling Stats for enemies and the quest lore etc...


Your game might be a platformer.  This tool is probably way overkill and maybe something more tile based would be better?  There are also some already made level editors you might try and look at.  I think GameMaker is one?  I could be wrong.  Have a look at Unity as well.  But if you are dead set on making one, think about your game, and what you might need.  Decide if you want this tool to be generic so you could reuse it in other games, or if it should be specfic to your game and therefore you can narrow it's vision and scope down greatly.


Good luck!

In Topic: What does it mean to not have health insurance in the US?

25 April 2013 - 11:41 AM

I'm 29 and my wife had an Eptopic Pregnancy.  When her tube bursted and was in immense pain, you don't get to "shop around" you go to the ER.  She was hours away from dying, they needed to do surgery (laproscropy) to stop the bleeding and remove the fetus.  I believe the bill was hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We paid $1,500.


That was probably the only case where Insurance really pays off.  Otherwise your usual checkups, and medications and copays tend to not really save you much.  I have a doctor that will charge us less if we give him cash vs going through insurance for minor checkups and things like that.

In Topic: AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

25 April 2013 - 11:33 AM

I think it's the explosion of Multiplayer online gaming.  With Game consoles having networks that "find the game for you", no one wants to play against scripted AI computers.  Games that have an MMO element certinaly is not going to have bots (though I understand your comment about training).  I think before when LAN games were popular along with Internet gaming, you found more bots because friends wanted to team up and maybe you didn't have enough players to make a 12 player match.


That said, At my work, we still use bots for simulations and testing (but the entire match is BOTS, no Humans are playing).