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In Topic: Crystal Space 1.0rc1 Released!

11 December 2006 - 01:42 AM

Original post by 23yrold3yrold
And speaking of announcements, shouldn't this be in Your Announcements anyway?

Well I posted it in the 'Alternative Game Libraries' forum since Crystal Space is an alternative game library.


In Topic: No Dynamic CRT in GCC/MingW?

09 January 2006 - 07:44 PM

Original post by GamerSg
I was just wondering since it appears to me that both GCC/MingW dont have a dynamic CRT/CPRT. So how do applications which use dynamic linked libraries(dll/so) work in Linux/Win32(MingW)?

Wont they each be having their own heap which could cause problems?
Does this mean that is is impossible to new a variable in a DLL and delete it in an exe or vice-versa?
Will it affect the porting of my applications created in MSVC?

In general you should never assume that different DLL's share the same heap. i.e. doing 'new' in one DLL and then 'delete' in another is always a bad idea. It is platform and compiler dependend. One way to solve this is to make sure the memory management of some object is always done in the same module. Ref counting can help with this (this is how we solve it in Crystal Space).


In Topic: performance 3d engine

11 October 2005 - 10:23 PM

Original post by leoptimus
Crystal is pretty too, but is too big enough, and I've found it slower. Has a lot of features, but its performance is poor compared with other libraries.

Then probably something went wrong when setting up Crystal Space. Many people tell me that they find Crystal Space to be faster then comparable engines most of the time. Exactly what setup do you have and what problem did you encounter with performance?


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In Topic: Sector appointed by hand or automatic generated ?

05 September 2005 - 11:30 PM

Original post by JiffWan
Like subject .Generally , How to generate "Sectors" for portal engine?By hand ?automatic generated?

Generating 'good' sectors automatically is a hard problem. I think most portal engines will require you to hand-edit the sectors.


In Topic: 2 questions on pointers/refs

02 September 2005 - 01:16 AM

Original post by dcuk

why do you need to for example have a data member on the heap, when you can assign a pointer to a class

ie in a class: private:
int * itsAge;

all the other functiosn aren't allocated to heap however,

but can't you just assign a pointer to class with similar results like
Rect * pRect = new Rect();

whats the point/difference to it is probably what im saying, is causing some confusion.

2nd Question, is more confirmation of understanding but when using a function to return a reference ie: int &function(....)

this is because you DON'T want to make any copies yea?

thanks all, when i undertsnad this i think the hardest part is over...(hopefully)

I don't understand your first question at all but as to your second question there are a few reasons why you would return a reference. The first reason is indeed to avoid a copy of the object but another reason can also be if you want to modify the object. For example, with references you can do things like this:

int& GetSomething () {
return a;

and then later:

GetSomething () = 5;

That will assign 5 to the 'a' variable.