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In Topic: Should I buy a console if teaching this stuff?

21 October 2016 - 04:14 PM

After a short period somebody usually does a online vid playthrough of a game


Using those you can get/see alot WITHOUT actually taking all the time to play through an awful lot of games




Over in Game Design   all kinds of aspects are talked about (if its more technical then - the AI or Graphics or Gen Programming as appropriate)

In Topic: Caveman 3.0: favorite foods

21 October 2016 - 04:09 PM

Maybe instead of 'Favorite Food'   you would have a Goal food of the day  :


we're short of nuts - a storeable food - for the winter - it would be good to increase that supply


I feel like some nice tasty brains today I feel a bit sluggish and cold  (brains are mostly fat - important energy ...)


Need herbs - we have all that tasteless dried meat (or stuff so tough we boiled it until it became soft but its now  tasteless)


I gots a toothache - need something soft to eat


I want something sweet (honey would be good) to give to X  (for prestige, or bribe)


Need something instantly eatable (many foods you have to cook/process to make them edible)


Im so $%^&ing sick of fish - I want some red meat   (lewis & clarks men on the columbia river mouth had this happen - they ate a horse)




This all could vary across time with contrived reason for the specifi things targeted

In Topic: Improving collision query?

21 October 2016 - 03:52 PM

You might want to have/use   variables/constants  with the values (TILE_SIZE_W / 2.0f)  and (TILE_SIZE_H / 2.0f) at least to simplify your code (in its code appearance as if thats a constant then the compiler should be simplifying it itself)


I would use a name like HALF_TILE_SIZE_W  HALF_TILE_SIZE_H ...



Also once you determine  it->isColliding = true;  you keep looping  and you should probably break out of the loop (or never enter the loop if   its true   at the  if(it->CheckMapCollision())  test


you also seem to be running the same full collision testing twice  (2 loops)   doing the X Y vectors seperately when you aught to be able to combine them .  It looks like  are doing all the setup calc  for  each of the 2   it->Collide()  twice.




As for minimizing the set of objects you need to test against    that requires  a spatial splitting method  (if the obstacles are static, then  there is less overhead than if you have to  adjust the sets every time them would move)


If static a you could use a 2D supergrid array of nodes each with a membership list  which you then test the moving 'it' object against only the supernode grid its in  (or a small subset if your movement vector crosses more than one)



In Topic: help me think of cultures for my world

16 October 2016 - 06:56 PM

a civilization's level requires (usually) coordinated resource control  (water, aggricultutre land/food sources)  to have bigger centralized populations for much greater specialization of labor/crafts and the achievements that result (and add of trade and organization for non-local resources)

In Topic: Dialog menus: quotes or descriptions?

16 October 2016 - 06:42 PM

At least for the caveman genre you have an excuse for  monosyllabic talk