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In Topic: A sandbox RPG for tweens Part 1: basic gameplay and world outlines

16 August 2016 - 11:04 AM

Sand box ... 


If you can, investigate Procedurally Generated Content to try to 'fill your sandbox'


It doesnt have to be for every aspect of the game, but you need sufficient (regional)randomness to make for differences across yoiur world.


Understand that most of the PGC scripting involved will be constraints to limit things to logiical/cohesive options.


Consider this will also involve 'Hierarchical Templates' being used to minimize work (as much as is PRACTICAL)


Part of the 'game' would be observing and recognizing the elements in the current situation to knw how to handle them...



Having some distinctive visual features (even if just overall color themes) to differential one area (with its own flavors) from another might help to get rrid of the 'everything the same everywhere' feeling players have about many 'sandbox' enviroments.  And with the 'template method, having the Hierarchy Templates have 'variables' for substitutions of many (local) detailing bits (props, color schemes, etc...) you can have the system create significant visual variances without having to Hand Craft it all)

In Topic: What Makes A Game Look Realistic?

11 August 2016 - 05:25 PM

I recall from years ago one of the authors said "Never let them see you pop" which is in reference to blatant  LOD shifting in a game/simulation

In Topic: Check This Piano I Uploaded On Sketchfab...

11 August 2016 - 05:20 PM

Maybe its my browser/graphics settings, but I think the black keys should be blacker  (piano keys are made  stark/satutrated  black and white).




In Topic: Civillian trade in 4X games

11 August 2016 - 05:07 PM

Yes I remember playing 4X games in what was back then LAN party (yes that long ago) where I often played a game I never played otherwise/before against 'bean counter' type players who knew every loophole and every detail about exactly what to do/build (And when).  (when Im there looking at something saying 'What the Hell is This weird Thing and what does it do..." 


But that made me think that what if a good part of "the game" was disrupting those expected/exact game mechanics and MAKING the player discover how things worked ??  (to make the game more variable)


Even with the same relationships/animations of those cute visuals and effects, you could randomly modify ratios of payoffs and costs in resources of the different 'buildings' and unit builds (and their production schedules) for each game run .... all just by changing some ratios/coefficients.   The careful balancing of game mechanics isnt as much needed as its then upto the player to figure out (by playing that game run) what works and what isnt THAT efficient to do.


That way the player has to EXPLORE the economic system to figure out (without expensively adding multitudes of options of the various game objects).   It forces the player to first do DISCOVERY of the system they will play with, and then use that for the strategies to play out the rest of the game.     


Some care might be given to how much/patterns of the coefficient changes are to NOT make it TOO easy or TOO  hard (but still a big part of the 'winning'  IS figuring out how things work to then procede.  And with the usual ramps of unlocked buildingsunits that discovery may continue in part through a good part of the game.  


Yes, the bean-counters wont like it, but they have all those other games to play.

In Topic: Following the Train Tracks or Plumbing the Depths

16 July 2016 - 06:16 PM

For at least a potential solution to the shallowness and shooting gallery paradigm most/all MMORPGs have degenerated to, you might want to read what I wrote in the bottom half of this posting :





Ive talked about this years ago (probably in the Game Design forum) but I cant seem to find those postings.