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In Topic: .NET: Using a SerialPort's BaseStream after port was GC'ed

31 July 2012 - 04:56 AM

The child stream probably has a reference to the port.

In Topic: [Help] Vertex pos/normal/coord

28 June 2012 - 08:17 AM

@larspensjo: Thanks, got it!

A check: You are doing the linking (glLinkProgram) of the shader program after the call of glBindAttribLocation(), don't you?

I thought you were warning me of a pitfall rather than reminding me to do the right thing.

In Topic: [Help] Vertex pos/normal/coord

28 June 2012 - 02:26 AM

Got it solved!
I just had to use glGetAttributeLocation to get the identifiers from the linked shader program.

In Topic: [Help] Vertex pos/normal/coord

26 June 2012 - 09:33 AM

@szecs: sizeof(Vertex) returns 32, which is 8*sizeof(float).
@larspensjo: I tried both tricks (which are really nifty) but to no avail.
@mhagain: I am targeting opengl es 2 on iPhone, so OGL3 is unfortunately not an option.

In Topic: WinMain violates RAII (when code crashes)

28 December 2010 - 07:07 PM

now I know it's the 'runtime memory leak' that I'm always scared of, not 'app crash memory leak', thx.

Not being scared of an 'app crash memory leak' shouldn't get you too cozy about an app crash.
There are only a few cases where an app crash may make sense, otherwise, a sanely built application that is well tested should not crash and burn.