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Journal Entries

Alexmoura's Journal > Brag on

Posted 23 February 2007

Project Gotham Racing

Alexmoura's Journal > Guess where.

Posted 28 December 2006

This is a really original entry ;)

The Gang, getting ready to drive back to Seattle

Early morning at Whistler

A mountain view (from Blackcomb)

Kevin Showing off:

End of day at BlackComb:

Alexmoura's Journal > Eastsidekistan

Posted 18 December 2006

Well, power is finally mostly back up in the Redmond/Bellevue.

I'm so glad I was at Whistler this weekend :)

Alexmoura's Journal > Tobor the great

Posted 13 December 2006

Yesterday microsoft launched the microsoft robotics studio - a friend of mine works there, the lucky bastard.

Alexmoura's Journal > Icy roads

Posted 28 November 2006

This journal is less and less about programming :)

Anyway, the common theme here is icy roads - Went up to whistler over thanksgiving:

Lots and lots of snow - the day they opened the peak the line to get up was humongous. We did get to watch the first few guys coming down:

Crazy, right?

Here's the approximate trajectory:

And here's the run I...