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[Browser game] [Free] Soldiersgame - new release with new features

24 April 2014 - 03:08 AM


SoldiersGame is an online browser strategy game set at World War II. It is a realtime multiplayer game with players all over the World who try to become the more powerful. Build aircrafts, do researchs, battle against others, defend your fortresses, make alliances...       

We've been working for a while on adding new features. Today we introduce them:

  • HTTPS available

Everyone like to surf by Internet safely. We also want Soldiersgame to be safer, so from now you can enter the game using HTTPS protocol. Yes, we know that NSA can skip through this kind of things, but we think it's always good to take actions to improve security.

  • Open bar for Supporter

Up to now we have few features only exclusive for Supporters, but as you'll see today we introduce some more.
Now you'll be able to try them and give us some feedback. Every player will be Supporter for 90 days. Also new players will be Supporter for 45 days.
Besides, we're looking forward to add new Supporter features very soon.

  • New player profile screen

This screen shows several stats and player's data. To go there you have to upper menu and click on your player name. If you want to see  others players profiles, go to the classification page and click on any player name.
Some menu options from the upper menu have been moved to this screen, therefore they are not in the menu anymore.

  • Customized avatars

From your profile page you'll be able to make your own avatar. We've integrated DoppleMe within the game. You'll find lot of options to create a funny character. For now it's only visible in the profile pages, we don't know yet if the avatar will be shown in other pages.
This option is only for Supporters, but if you've read from the beginning, now you are a Supporter.

  • Guestbook

Each player has available a guestbook where other players will be able to write short messages. This option is only for Supporters, but if you've read from the beginning, now you are a Supporter too.

  • Abuse control automatized

We've added a new control so a player won't be able to attack a fortress more than 5 times within 48h or more than 10 times in a week.
With this control we want to avoid that some players abuse others attacking continuosly without rest. This way fortresses will be able to recover some resources and build some weapons after several attacks from the same player.

  • More payment options to become a Supporter

Now that we have available the HTTPS protocol, we've also integrated the payment platform Stripe. So besides Paypal, now you have available this other tool you'll be able to pay by several credit cards. The advantage of using a third-party tool is that Soldiersgame doesn't have to manage credit cards information, everything is managed by Stripe

If you don't know Soldiersgame, give it a try!

Soldiersgame - New browser strategy game set in WWII

17 May 2012 - 11:06 AM

Hello, I's like to introduce you a new web browser game we've been working on http://www.soldiersgame.net. It's an indie game that has a lot of work behind it. Currently is finished, although we're working on more features to improve it a lot.

It's a strategy game set in WWII where you will be able to build buildings in order to extract resources, build aircrafts, guns, make alliances, trasport resources to another fortresses, attack other players, etc... Now it supports to languages, English and Spanish.

Furthermore, very soon players will be able to commerce with resources, and aircrafts, so I think it'll be more interesting.

I hope you could enter the game and give us some feedbacks.