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Journal of KellyM > The Psychology of Game Design-Sid Meier

Posted 13 March 2010

With the exception of Sid Meier's keynote, all the rest of the keynotes were linked to conference tracks, which were much more sporadically attended. The one big conference wide keynote was fairly well attended, but it was held in a much smaller hall. The title of Sid Meier's keynote was The Psychology of Game Design (Everything you Know is Wrong)....

Journal of KellyM > Gamedev/IGDA Part a huge success

Posted 13 March 2010

The IGDA/Gamedev sponsored party at Jillians was a huge success last night. The room was packed and there was a line waiting to get in. All attendees seemed to be enjoying themselves. Thanks for the sponsors for making this event enjoyable.

Journal of KellyM > Luxology makes high-end features accessible

Posted 12 March 2010

I had a chance to meet with Brad Peebler and Bob Bennett or Luxology on Thusday. These two geniuses spoke about the plans at Luxology to create and distribute high-end vertical kits based on their award-winning modo software. The plan is to use modo's advanced modeling, rendering and rigging systems to create a set of presets and controls that are...

Journal of KellyM > Peter Molyneux discusses Fable III design

Posted 12 March 2010

In a session called, Complex Challenges of Intuitive Design, Peter Molyneux and Josh Atkins from Lionhead Studios showcased the new design elements for Fable III. Peter started the presentation by describing why he loves RPG games so much. The problems with RPGs is that they are hard to market. Fable has been evolving from a traditional RPG to an...

Journal of KellyM > Expo Hall Open

Posted 12 March 2010

The GDC Expo opened early Thursday which is a day later than previous years. The expo will extend into Saturday which makes it so more local people can attend I assume. Although the expo feels large, I think it is actually quite smaller than years past.

The expo hall includes the game pavillion and the business suites all together, which makes it feel...