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[SlimDX] Lost Device recovery problem

21 July 2008 - 04:06 AM

Hi there, I'm using SlimDX on Vista in conjunction with multiple swap chains to render to different Windows Form controls. That works really nice :) The problem is that after a LostDevice (like when pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL) I'm unable to recover from the lost device. What I do is:
        catch (Direct3D9Exception)
          _DeviceLost = true;
The problem is that it dies somewhere in ntdll.dll, when calling Present(), so it doesn't even come to the exception handler. The debug runtime says: Direct3D9: (INFO) :Failed to create driver indexbuffer Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Lost due to display uniqueness change (Thats the last before it crashes) And on a second try I got this instead of the first one (no code change): Direct3D9: (INFO) :Failed to create driver indexbuffer Direct3D9: (ERROR) :BitBlt or StretchBlt failed in Present One note: There is a second D3D device at that time active (but not controlled by me, rendering to a seperate window in the same application) I hope someone has an idea, my searches didn't turn out lucky :) Thanks, Marc

build output missing in output window (vs 2005)

16 September 2007 - 01:29 AM

Hi, I've been tinkering around with this problem now for a while.. When building any C++ solution with my VS2005 Team Suite SP1 I get no output of the compilation process at my output window, only "Build started" and then something like: "========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========" but no error messages, the error doesn't appear in the error list as well. In buildlog.htm there are the errors listed - but somehow they aren't promoted back to the ide.. I checked all project specific settings (but it happens in all projects), and played with the general settings of VS. Until now I can not find any solution for this probleme which is quite annoying, has anyone an idea? And this only happens in C++ projects, a C# project showed the errors correctly.. (I double- and tripple checked the c++ specific settings under tools > options, what have I overseen?) Thanks for your help, Marc