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#5096598 Indie Game Publishers

Posted by on 25 September 2013 - 04:17 AM

Don't bother.  Publishers are dangerous, you might get a genuinely nice and charitable deal somewhere but its not likely.  Some smaller companies will all-out rob you in the worst case.  But even the trustworthy ones are only in it to make money out of you.

That said the GOG deal looks pretty good.

Kickstarter can be good, but also has its risks (failing the target, paypal freezes, angry backers etc)


If you think you can finish the game in 6 months and are working alone then why do you even need funding?  I recommend you work a part-time job (not a programming job) to keep yourself afloat and just work at it.  You'll be much better off for it when you've finished.  The goal when making a game should be to make it with the minimum of help and funding as possible.

Also depending on the type of game, alpha-funding works wonders.


Good luck!