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Yeah > Big Pork's Prime Time

Posted 30 July 2010

Want to help me, well I am glad you asked.

Register at the indie pub and than vote for my two games: Big Eight Mini Putt and Big Porks Prime Time

Okay here is my current project Big Porks Prime Time. I am entering it into the indie pub contest.

Prime Time is the galaxies most popular reality tv-show in which you must slay the champion before...

Yeah > sweet jumps.

Posted 30 May 2010

Some sweet jumps.
Sweet Jumps

Yeah > Flash Portals as a demo "shop"?

Posted 29 May 2010

1) Why dont flash developers use flash portals as a "demo shop" for the purpose of selling there game.

Take a look at the game Guns of icarus (a unity 3d game that is doing just that) on shockwave.com, its getting around 1k plays a day with an option to buy the game. In this particular instance its not what you would call "magic", guessing here I...

Yeah > Zombie Driver Metacritic Rating

Posted 13 April 2010

I was looking at the indie games on steam. Found Zombie Driver, I looked at the metacritic score which is 59, this is because some jerk gave it 0, that seems unbelievable since the rest were at least in the 70's. That seems beyond reasonable, and makes me pretty furious! :evil:

That is beyond resonable, there is no way anyone should be allowed to...

Yeah > Prototype III - Mini Putt!

Posted 21 February 2010

Well we got another 1 day prototype this time its a mini putt.

Mini Putt