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In Topic: Mac App Store

19 December 2010 - 05:34 AM

Original post by Mike Bossy
I think the more retail options for developers the better. My main concerns are:

1. Getting lost in the catalog. It's bad enough on Steam with ~1,200 games but if you're just one of 250,000 apps it's going to be hard for anyone to notice you.

2. The race to $0 is going to hurt the bottom line. Price wars are going to lead to revenue reduction unless you're a top app.

Basically the fears are the same as on the iOS store. The winners will win big but they will be a small percentage of the developers.

Thats a false idea man.

In the app store there might be 300k+ games but there are only so many games that are worth anything. Let me give you an example my game Gatsby Golf is making it in the top 500 of some of the stores and that is with sales like 3,4,13 sales each day. There are around 20 categories and only the top 500 games in each will sell anything at all. Now if you break that down we are at max 10k games that are selling anything. Now lets be honest my game Gatsby golf is grossing 260 in sports in the US store (with a total of 7 sales). What that means is that if you are not in the top 100 you are (at least) its not worth talking about. If we say 20*100= we are now down to 2000 games that you are really competing against (if its even competitive at all).


In Topic: Gatsby's Golf [IPod/IPhone Game]

18 December 2010 - 01:38 AM

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In Topic: 11 year old whizz kid releases his own computer game

04 August 2010 - 01:18 AM

Amazing if true and at the same time slightly depressing.

In Topic: Audience Meter

29 July 2010 - 06:16 AM

Sorry Unity does not build to Linux. Though you might be able to play it in the browser later on (except not right now of course -- because I am using Unity3 and they have not released the browser plugin yet). I found your comment to be quite useful.

I did find your input useful thanks.

You can lose by two ways, the first would be to run out of time (without killing the boss), the second would be to get such low ratings you "get kicked off the show". The better the ratings the more points you will get for kills (so afterwords you can buy better mechs, weapons, etc).

Whenever you kill a building, it will drop a token, if you pick up the token it will give you a random power-up. As your ratings climb higher, better power-ups are thrown into the mix. There might be a sweet spot (or "danger zone") where the whole audience hates you, you are perilously close to getting kicked off the show but the host will be in some sort of a love-hate relationship with you (when you pick up the tokens you will get a good chance of getting a "super powerup").

Now I am thinking it will work like this.

->You ratings goes up as your kill multiplier goes up (the more you kill the higher your ratings gets).
->If you die your ratings will take a hit.

->These "king of the hill" spots you have to stand behind are actually in game endorsements, for example you might be drinking a beer (root beer that is). Now depending on how your ratings are this will either be positive or negative (with the audience, studio and host).

->Around the level are what we call soap boxes (actual boxes you can stand on) the camera will zoom in to face you. You can then proceed to talk smack about the host, the audience, or the other "champion"

More generally
In a more open game for example a vehicle game where you go off ramps (through rings of fire), as well as having the objective of killing the boss etc. It would be easier and more natural to add the audience meter

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In Topic: Help a lazy programmer do his work in his bedroom.

11 July 2010 - 12:52 PM

Come on you are working a day job. Either quit it or take up golf. Sorry pal but thats the only way its going to work.