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In Topic: Bullet Physics object combine

21 January 2013 - 03:37 AM

Thanks for the reply. I think I wil try to do that with a hinge and check if it works weel enough.

In Topic: Calculating what direction the model is facing

20 December 2010 - 02:39 AM

In this case the animation determines the direction, but I think the direction should control the "facing" of the model and your animation.
How do you animate your model? What tools/toolkits are you using? Do you use XNA or DX?

In Topic: Calculating what direction the model is facing

20 December 2010 - 02:08 AM

Do you mean you have a 3D model with transformed vertices and you want to calculate the orientation? Then you have to simply multiply the (0,0,1) vector with the rotation part of the matrix you used to transform the vertices of your model. Assuming that the model originally faced to (0,0,1) direction.
Or in case of paths you need to know the mathematical functions (and their derivate) of the path.

In Topic: Moving objects in Direct3D

10 October 2010 - 10:00 PM

I don't know how does your renderGameCharacter work but you should try this:

Create matrix -> Set transform -> Render scene

D3DXMatrixTranslation(&matrix_Boogle, 0.0, -10.0, 0.0);
d3ddev->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, &matrix_Boogle);

D3DXMatrixTranslation(&matrix_GameScene, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
d3ddev->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, &matrix_GameScene);

In Topic: Good 3D Modelling Tool?

10 October 2010 - 05:10 AM

For poly modelling:

Blender, K-3D

Lightwave3D (very good for poly modelling), Maya or 3DSMax