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Will F

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Ubik > XNA

Posted 27 August 2007

Have some free time so I started learning C#, so far i'm really impressed, and coming from a C++ background am finding it easy to pick up. I don't see myself using it for projects in the immediate future, but as I grow more comfortable I wouldn't be surprised if a large amount of my coding is done in that language.

I've also been playing around with XNA -...

Ubik > ...

Posted 02 December 2006

EDIT: since I originally wrote this the MSDN page has been updated to mention that its behavior does not conform to the C++ standard.

Here's a question, will this code compile? (assume someSet is a std::set<int>, and that 512 is a key that exists in it)

Quote:std::set<int>::iterator foo = someSet.erase(512);

This comes from a conversation...

Ubik > Physics demo

Posted 20 November 2006

I've been playing around with physics libraries a bit, here's an app I made using Newton (about 3 meg download - and if you don't have a version of VS C++ 2005 installed you might need to download this from Microsoft). I haven't tried to distribute a Windows app before, so it'd be awesome if anyone could download it and make sure it works on their...

Ubik > Console launch...

Posted 17 November 2006

I hadn't planned on commenting on the PS3 or Wii console launches, but this blows me away.

The Bel Air, Maryland Bestbuy will not be launching either the PS3 or Wii on Friday and Sunday because of "safety concerns" (out of curiosity I actually called the number and a check at bestbuy.com shows that is the correct phone number for that...

Ubik > New project

Posted 13 November 2006

I've stopped working on my "engine". It was mostly for educational value, and I knew when I started that it was unlikely to get finished. All in all it was worth the time I spent on it, but i'd rather move on to actually making a game. I've got a basic app up and running (i'll try to get some screenshots posted in the near future) using the...