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In Topic: Finishing my engine (problems with motivation)

28 March 2005 - 05:20 AM

As a Software Engineer with OCECD (Obsessive Compulsive Engine Coding Disorder) I can say with (a little) authority, that everyone so far has offered sage words of advice - heed them well!

When I look back at my own engine, I could almost cry at the thought of how much effort has been put into it. I have spent whatever spare time I have had over the past 6 years working on it... and numerous times I have almost given up and thrown it all away. In realtime "man hours" it probably equals about 6 months - and no, sadly it is NOT "state of the art" (at least visually, yet...) it's just one hell of a time-sucking hobby!

Everyone has different techniques for self-motivation. If I lose my way, I take one of the smaller "fun" things that provide instant "reward" and work on that. I find anything that produces a nice visual output is best - like a particle/beam system (as DMINATOR mentioned), or finding that one line you wrote during a Sometimer's Moment that was killing your frame rate.

Just try and bear this one thought in mind... there is little quite so ego-inflating as seeing all your sprites/models wander around the level on their own, bumping into and/or shooting at each other for the very first time.

Keep it realistic, and keep it fun, and you should do just fine :)