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Help finding Realistic Perspective Scaling and Forumla's to prove

16 March 2012 - 03:00 PM

I am working on a simulator to project a realistically scaled object onto the screen. Eg. The person stands 3.8 M away from the screen, so a 1 meter cube placed 3.8M in front of the camera should measure out to be 1M on the projector screen.

Is there any formula I can use to prove that the perspective is properly scaling, eg. If I move the object back to 4M from the camera I can use a formula to prove that it is the proper scaling to the human eye?

SDL tut or Source Code for space invaders

18 April 2005 - 06:50 AM

Ok im just wondering if anyone has / knows where i can find a Visual C++ tutorial/source code for space invaders. If you do please post it here, or email it to me at captaincheerios4@gmail.com. Thanks

need easy tut's for dx

17 April 2005 - 12:03 PM

ok, i need a tutorial that will help me with dx in c++, its been over a year since ive programmed in c++, so i need the tut to help me with reminders of stuff like that. i mean like just with in the code keeping the headers and stuff. I have dx 9 sdk, and i have vs 6.0 and all the languages, and i need a tut that can help me programm a simple game like space inviders in one month. I just need that. I have to programm something for my cert in school, and i really want to learn dx, since im going off to college and im majoring in game programming, and i want some knowledge b4 i go....so if you could please help me. Sorry for kind of begging, just that all the tutorials ive found just give me like the code, but leave out half the function/dont include any help with explaining it. so if you could please help me thanks