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Journal Entries

Journal of socrates200X > Steal this article!

Posted 07 March 2006

In case any of you find yourself my current proverbial pair of shoes of searching for a game job out here in the Wild East, take heed. After putting my resume up on various resume-put-up sites, I get a call from an HR staffer at Comsys, inquiring into my experience with C++ and DirectX. I replied enthusiatically, not having much luck as of late in...

Journal of socrates200X > The image of procrastination

Posted 01 March 2006

Yesterday, I attempted to rev myself up to restart the animation project I had messed up earlier on (see Feb 26), but the Motivation Gods weren't giving me the juice. I wasn't feeling...animate-y. So, to prevent myself from a complete loss of a workday, I spent the better part of my day toiling over MS Paint, crafting myself a business card logo out...

Journal of socrates200X > Skinned mesh animation

Posted 25 February 2006

Yeah, so, at DigiPen, we had a class in Advanced Animation Techniques, one of which was "hierarchial models and animations", which involved treating a model as composed of "joints", each with its own local translation/rotation matrix. Our first project involved implementing this, which I attempted to do with DirectX. Apparently, they had a very...

Journal of socrates200X > First journal entry

Posted 22 February 2006

This is my first journal entry. As such, there's not much to report.