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Ezbez's Blog > Path finding

Posted 18 January 2011

Since the last update I've been working mostly on path finding. I thought I'd show an image of the pathfinding algorithm running.

The enemies (in red) show their paths (in magenta) calculated by A*. The large magenta dots show the furthest along target that the enemy can see - this is what it actually moves towards...

Ezbez's Blog > Project update - new demo

Posted 17 January 2011

Since the last update, I've done a couple significant changes. First, I've fixed the client version so it's actually multiplayer again (though it still only works well with very good connections, like LAN). Second, I fixed the py2exe script, which means that I'm able to release a demo again! Try it out, please. This demo also includes...

Ezbez's Blog > Project update

Posted 15 January 2011

In the past couple days I've made two large changes to my project. First, I've started using Chipmunk for physics (and pymunk for Python bindings). This has been a great choice so far. Integrating Chipmunk into my game was painless and the results have been very good. I had initial difficulties getting movement of the player to work well with the...

Ezbez's Blog > Top-down shooter/RPG project

Posted 12 January 2011

The new site change with free blogs has prompted me to finally try this whole blog thing out. As good a time as ever, I say! I had been quiet on the development front due to a little thing called college and all that it entails. But this new site hasn't just sparked my blogging interests, but also my programming interests. In short, I am now...