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In Topic: Progress Bars

25 April 2013 - 05:52 PM

The crazy thing about progress bars is that their very presence slows down the process that they are informing you about. I use one in my new game for the process of loading file & folder names inside a given folder. But the process is much faster if I don't display the progress bar.

In Topic: Once you go OO, you never go back?

20 December 2012 - 02:36 PM

I have to say that in my opinion object-oriented programming is relatively worthless to me.

I used to think like that but there are some examples where OOP is clearly beneficial. For example look at the scroll bar. With procedural programming, a scroll bar can be implemented with a function plus one or two global or static variables. If you need several scroll bars, you can copy and paste the code and create more global variables. You get more code and you can't change the style of all scroll bars easily.
With OOP, you can implement the scroll bar with a class. If you need several scroll bars, you just declare several instances of the class. You don't need more code or more variables. You can change the style of all scroll bars by modifying the class, and you can create new scroll bar styles easily by using class inheritance.
OOP also helps breaking long functions into small pieces by creating more places where you can logically put the code in.
That being said, I think most roguelike games are made with C and they're not small projects. The advantage of procedural programming is that you can focus on getting tasks done quickly without having to worry about how to package functions and data inside classes.

In Topic: UK Tax Relief for Video Games

12 December 2012 - 07:26 AM

I agree with the original comment. I see the policy as par for the course for the UK government. Politicians in general do not do anything unless they perceive a benefit for themselves. Maybe they think of the prestige, maybe they want to appease nationalists, or maybe they just like the idea of having more control over game production.

Concerning EU state aid rules, as far as I know national governments have full powers to set their own taxes. A tax cut is not a subsidy. It's not free money, just a reduction in the amount of money stolen from each company. I don't think a sector-wide tax cut would be a problem with the EU.

But if it can't be done without the EU complaining, the UK can still introduce an economy-wide tax cut, or say bye-bye to the EU. The EU rightly gets blamed for a lot of things but national governments are the main culprits for their own poor policies.

The new plan may even be going against the EU spirit of not discriminating against companies on the basis of what EU state they come from. Some of the criteria of the test (points 4 and 5 for example) concern the UK exclusively.

Anyway, all of this probably doesn't matter as the cut is likely to be something like 0.1%...

In Topic: Turn Based Strategy AI

22 May 2012 - 04:55 AM

Thank you for this interesting blog. Your AI looks like a worthy opponent now.
The AI in Advance Wars was quite good but it ignored the fact that one of the units was absolutely better than the rest: the heavy tank.
In the final battle the AI had tonnes of money but it did not use it to buy lots of heavy tanks and that was its downfall.

In Topic: I made a game -- would appreciate some feedback

19 May 2012 - 09:17 AM

I've played it and I liked it. A real throwback to the days of the Vectrex.

Instead of the 'teleport' function with the down arrow, which I think is confusing, I would have given the player three bombs that clear out the screen.

I liked the sound effects, music and 3d background. Well done.