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In Topic: Is it efficient to sort a "render-queue" for less texture-switches?

09 May 2015 - 04:39 AM

Yes, although in my experience the most significant benefit is sorting not on texture per se, but on texture size. (So rendering all 256x256, then all 512x512). In principle, the fewer state changes, the better. 


That said, I guess there is some worst case scenario where you cause lots of overdraw. Experiments for your particular case may be necessary.

In Topic: Graphs tool for a thesis (needing an suggestion)

13 March 2015 - 03:51 PM

GraphViz is the most obvious candidate to me. An online tool for this exists as well.


Edit: Oops, interpreted 'graph' as the wrong type of graph. Stupid me...

In Topic: Are these functions and parameters used in DirectX 11.2?

01 March 2015 - 07:11 AM

The things you list are not functions, they are the calling conventions, common parameter names and types of WinMain.


So yes, I guess they are used in DirectX 11.2 apps. But why do you ask?

In Topic: How unreliable is UDP?

10 January 2015 - 08:09 AM

In my experience, packet loss does not happen too often. When it does, it seems to happen in bursts. Reordering seems to be much more frequent.


However, most important is that it can happen. For a simple game state this is not an issue (simply drop the old state and interpolate), but you really need to be prepared issues with game events (e.g. chat messages, kill events).

Most net-libs (DirectPlay, ENet, RakNet) implement a way to mark packets as 'reliable and ordered', thereby ensuring that packets arrive and are sent to the application in the correct order.

In Topic: How difficult(or not) do you find these C++ tests?

07 September 2014 - 04:29 AM

I would say it really depends on what you'd define as 'roll through'. From the few I looked at, I think many candidates would have their answers be marked as incorrect. They're quite full of small gotchas, instead of really testing someone's programming skills.

(But hey, that may just be my disappointment speaking biggrin.png )


That said, I'd be much more interested in why the candidate gave that answer. If a candidate knows what a reference, copy constructor, initialization list, etc. is, but just overlooked some small issue, I'd still would want to hire them.

Example: one of the tests checks if you know what happens if a local functor has the same name as a function and you call f(..). I don't care: anyone who programs something like that will be close to be fired on the spot or at least have a good talking to... wink.png


So as a test, I don't think these are particularly good. As a starting point for a technical discussion, they're quite nice.