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Smooth moving in 2d, synchronisation, vsync and FPS limiting

02 June 2005 - 10:59 PM

Hi, i've got problems with smooth moving animation in 2d sidescroller. I've tried 2 ideas: + frame depedent movement + limiting FPS, but if I limit FPS to 60 and monitor runs on 75Hz moving isn't smooth :/ when i limit FPS to 75Hz it is, but I want my game running in the same speed regardless of refresh frequency. + time depedent movement - animation is never smooth, except when I limit FPS to 75 and vertical refresh is 75Hz, but even if I do so I see somethin is wrong with it. I didn't try to take average of last X frames. there is no difference if VSYNC is enabled or not, only tearing is visible or not. i want this game to be frame depedent, but I don't have any other ideas :(