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Member Since 03 Jun 2005
Offline Last Active Aug 06 2014 02:27 AM

Journal Entries

Radioactive-Software > Killing Horizon Update - 3/5/2014 - Plus 1 Million Journal Views!

Posted 05 March 2014

I've got a new update on my project Killing Horizon , a 64-player-online-RTS/FPS/TPS hybrid wargame! In addition to some great new Concept Artwork, I've implemented a new visual style for the in-game rendering, which is centered upon a 100% dynamic-time-of-day system. Battles can start during the day and then continu...

Radioactive-Software > Killing Horizon Update - 9/18/2013 - Massive Progress!

Posted 18 September 2013

Hey guys,

I've got an update on my latest project, Killing Horizon ... my epic 64-player-online-RTS/FPS/TPS hybrid! I've been working almost 24/7 on the game since the last update, guess it has been about a month. This is going to be a huge post so buckle up, we're going to hit on just about every aspect of the game. In a few words - I've got new concept...

Radioactive-Software > Oculus Rift VR Development Kit...

Posted 19 August 2013

Finally received it today! This thing is totally awesome, will include a write up with my next developer journal update, also will have full integration into my game engine. I've already got it half way integrated, at least the detection part...had that done before it got here :-p

Mmmmmm, the 720p screen is good, but 1080p will be a nice upgrade. ( divid...

Radioactive-Software > Killing Horizon Update - 8/15/2013 - AI, Animations, Prototype Maps, etc.

Posted 15 August 2013

This is first update for my new project, Killing Horizon http://www.radioactivesoftware.com/content/killing-horizon ... the last week was a mixed bag of progress on nearly every aspect of the project. Primarily improving the AI ( which has been totally re-written for this game ), I also cleaned up a lot of the animations for particular weapons/items by...

Radioactive-Software > Announcing 'Killing Horizon' + New Radioactive Software website!

Posted 05 August 2013

Hey guys,

It's been a very long time since my last journal entry, I've spent the last ~13 months working on a new project. I've not really shown it anywhere - but it's about time to do that. :-) My next project is a game called Killing Horizon you can read about it on my webpage here - http://www.RadioactiveSoftware.com/content/killing-horizon - I wil...