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In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

08 May 2016 - 08:13 PM

Since 1995, there have been about 3500 Americans killed in terror attacks globally (source).

Since 2000, there have been about 400000 Americans killed by gun violence domestically. (source)
Meanwhile, estimates vary, but the "war on terror" is thought to be responsible for up to 1 million deaths globally, most of them civilians.


Figuring out the real problem here is left as an exercise for the reader (hint: it's not Islam)

The war on terror is indeed bogus, and many of these terrorist threats are exaggerated at best.  Need an excuse to invade a country?  Call them terrorists!



In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

08 May 2016 - 08:10 PM

Islam is by nature an invasive civilization with the goal of world domination. The Far Left and Neo-Conservatives who currently approve of NO Borders, MASS immigration, selling our western nations to the world like whores, and attacks on our freedoms of expression - they will be caught between patriots and invaders in the coming conflict.


This has nothing to do with Christianity, for Islam has the goal of subjugating the entire world under Islam. Those Far Left who dominate western universities, media, and government will be forced to choose sides in due time. The traitors are already under the pressure of being exposed thru the Internet. Old Media can no long deny and conceal these realities.

This post reminds me of the time where I heard that Islam was created by the Roman Catholic Church to control the middle east.



In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

07 May 2016 - 11:08 AM


Seems the USC made a good decision after all.  Getting industry people talking about the problem is the first step to solving it.

Those two sentences don't necessarily go together -- unless you believe in 'the end justifies the means'. You can have some good come out of a bad decision, and it still be a bad decision.



In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

06 May 2016 - 04:57 PM


Okay, back to the lack of interest hypothesis.  Can you really expect to force interest where there is none or little of (assuming it's a valid possibility)?  Yeah, the numbers aren't equal, let's FORCE women and minorities in there, shall we?  No doubt, there needs to be equal representation of opportunity to everyone.  And as a 3rd reminder, this is not an actual argument I'm posting here because as some of you can see, it's full of holes, much like the original argument itself.  It's just my way of responding to a particular post and showing how ridiculous this topic is and many of it's typical and predictable responses.  You can critique me however you like, I'm open to being wrong.  Just take my words with a grain of salt because unlike Promit, I don't give a frell if you're offended by me or my views or not because I'm not some easily offended pansy like some people I know.  Welcome to earth, where not everyone is going to agree with you 100%.

This highlights one of the biggest problems of the debate.  How does one accurately distinguish opportunity from interest?  Moreover, how does one distinguish a lack of interest from a societal pressure?  Do we want to forsake cultural diversity in favor of a human monoculture?  There are no easy answers to that.


This.  It seems our default mentality is "discrimination".   Frankly, I've had a rather tough time getting into the software development field, primarily due to my lack of professional experience (because what I've done outside of the workforce often doesn't mean diddly squat to potential employers).  I could easily pull the race card and force everyone to cater to my emotions, or I could prove myself to be a better candidate by building myself up in skill and experience.  I chose the latter, and it benefited me greatly because now I'm a much more mature developer (and as a bonus, I wouldn't have met my current girlfriend who I'm quite positive I will marry sooner or later).  I honestly believe that is what separates the best candidates from the weaker ones.  Unfortunately, we'll never do away with discrimination until the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.


And as far as societal pressure goes, as a néger man, I've had more pressure on me to excel at things like basketball.  I totally sucked at the sport because I was almost completely uninterested in it.  My interests were that of Steve Urkel (who I did resemble physically for some time); science, chemistry, biology, physics, math and coding, making me the complete opposite of everyone else of my ethnicity.  My family could not relate to a career choice of a game dev or software engineer, so my natural affinity towards programming that I had since I was 4 never got nurtured by anyone, so I had to do it myself.  So I had to take matters into my own hands because complaining that this is against me doesn't fix my problem, your problem (if applicable) nor does it build you up as a person.  If we négers had such a mentality, then we never would have overcome the cultural damage caused during slavery and pre-civil rights oppression.


So yeah, you have a good point.  There is no real way to pinpoint the problem in a precise way, hence why I get tired of the one common (and often baseless) conclusion that this big group of old fat bald white men sitting at a round table at the top of a corporate building eating lobster cocktails aka "the patriarchy" are calling the shots trying to keep women and minorities down like that series called "Minoriteam".  Sorry for ranting, I know this is a real issue that deserves sincere attention, but the approach that has been taken so far is just as ridiculous as that.



In Topic: USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

06 May 2016 - 03:10 PM


The wage gap, the claim that women get paid less than men, the claim that doesn't take into account the fact that men on average work more hours than women because women, on average, are social so they work fewer hours in order to spend time with family or friends. This has been debunked so many times that I'm amazed it is still a talking point for any group.


I like this video about it:



Good video, goes a bit more in depth and is less biased. 


Forgive me if I missed it, but there's also salary negotiation too.  It's been said that men are more likely to negotiate their salaries as opposed to women.  Also, I noticed that companies that are less likely to hire women with children often do so because they are statistically seen as a liability since the assumption that they will take more time off for them and hence be at work less when needed whereas men with children would likely work more hours for the benefit of the wife and children.  Not saying that's true, but based on what I've heard based on this IBM scandal IIRC.


But if companies could legally and literally pay women 23% less, why hire men for anything?