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In Topic: Someone explain this thing about manual transmissions to me...

15 December 2015 - 05:46 PM


Piccolo: It's called SARCASM!
Goku: What's that taste like?
Piccolo: Dammit goku!!!!

See that's why we need Lounge upvotes.




There's a bug in the forum where if you are responding and you get the new reply notification, the up/downvote button appears on those updated posts.  I tried clicking the upvote button out of curiosity but it doesn't work.  It was a darn shame because it was a good comment.




as it gives us hints as to how we really think imo.

They say that the more words there are for something, the more important it is to a society. This explains why there are so many words for sex, death and money. Think about it ;)


The best response so far :)


We have so many words for fecal matter, and yet only one of those words is strictly forbidden by the FCC (afaik).  I try to avoid cursing though considering the stigma those words have, even though to me it's just a word that was deemed offensive among the other alternatives.



In Topic: Someone explain this thing about manual transmissions to me...

15 December 2015 - 03:34 PM


Define "pimping culture".



Pimp   :    Car customization    :  also see  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimp_My_Ride 



Also, what makes a car "sexually attractive"?  I never thought that anyone would get aroused by looking at a car.


Are you serious??? I bet you are not..  biggrin.png

Describing a car as sexy doesn't mean you're sexually aroused by the car, its about the styling, the vibe .... 


For instance i think Lamborghini Aventador  is the sexiest car/super ever, but that doesn't mean i'm sexually aroused by Lamborghini laugh.png  




Actually, I am serious. :)  I never understood the need for everything that is attractive to be related to sex in one way or another.  Personally, I find it to be rediculous.  I get that sex sells and whatnot, but I'm someone who takes literal definitions very seriously as it gives us hints as to how we really think imo.  I ask because no one has ever given me a fully logical and articulate answer.


You "shut her down"??angry.png What do you do when she reboots?

Me: Better?
Her: Better!


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're trying to be funny or ironic, but if not, grow the fuck up.

Piccolo: It's called SARCASM!

Goku: What's that taste like?

Piccolo: Dammit goku!!!!



In Topic: Someone explain this thing about manual transmissions to me...

14 December 2015 - 04:03 PM

Since the varieties of cars I own and have driven are very limited (Manual, sporty hatchbacks only), thus the following broad categorization is based on me watching too much Top Gear (and some few car magazines). In case you don't know about Top Gear (US based and others), here is a brief....  Its an entertaining motoring show hosted by 3 dudes one of them Jeremy Clarkson - a thick headed lousy buffoon (until recently i would have added for the sake of the show, - but when he in real life he punched one of the show's producers- and before the real reason came out, i was thinking "this must be because of some deep issues that have pushed him to the edge". But when the actual reason came out- because there was no hot food ready after filming!!! This man - rich enough to enter any 5-star restaurant and order for the best dish- then i knew in real life he is also a thick headed lousy buffoon)....


Anyway based on this show I make the following broad accessment


country                    cars type                                         car style                      transmission            pimping culture                  masculinity boost (out of 10) (very subjective opinion)

USA                        Depends disproportionately                mostly saloons            Automatic                   extreme                                        5 for the sake of pimping     

                               on the power of the engine                 and trucks 

                              hence- Muscle cars


Japan                  Very technical: Great                            Various,                          Manual, DSG           extreme                                         8.5

                           Aerodynamics, chassis, torque,            best are Hatchbacks

                           Credit: attention to fine details     


Germany            Same as Japan                                     same as japan + sexy      70% Manual              Limited                                         9.0

                          But also have Mercedes which                                                       30% auto

                          is a muscle car and mostly Auto 

                         (Big plus: have Buggatti Veron)



Italy                  Home of the world's best super cars          Super sexy                  Manual, Flappy,           Limited                                        10

                                                                                                                                Auto, DSG.....



UK                   Like to have everything but makes              Various                        Same as Germany      Limited                                          6

                       little. Otherwise same as Germany             best are Hatchbacks



... More countries that I would have loved to add, particularly South Korea, China, Russia and Australia,  but I've run out of steam




Alright, alright I admit -what do i know about cars? Nothing! Depending mostly on a lousy TV show  wub.png  

Define "pimping culture".


Also, what makes a car "sexually attractive"?  I never thought that anyone would get aroused by looking at a car.



In Topic: Someone explain this thing about manual transmissions to me...

14 December 2015 - 11:48 AM



Driving stick gives you no positive points nearly as for being more musculine, but being unable to drive manual transmission is a form of a handicap , and it will impact negatively every girl as toward competence of her man, more or less.


Driving stick is realy simple and fluent, I would call it as simple as automatic. You also have less fuel consumption and can accelerate and decide about your car to more extent (how you call it, those engine rotations). But automatic transmission can give you a bit more comfort. I have cars from both types, and I switch between them nearly daily, I have automatic Z3 roadster cabriolet, I gave her name Sick Zoe (it is a mad car with drive at the back and engine in front, plus being a long roadster so it behaves like batmobile)

I'm also looking into buying a Z3 or Z4.  I saw some really nice ones.  I might end up getting a manual transmission just because I may end up liking it more.





In the UK it wouldn't matter if you went manual or automatic in this case as the BMW Z3 and Z4 are already considered girls cars.  This isn't my opinion as I actually drive an MX5 which is also considered to be a girls car.  Pretty much any 2 seater open topped roadster (except maybe the Boxter S)  is considered to be exclusively for ladies.


Ah, so it's like the Mazda Miata here; typically considered a car for women and gay men.  I see men driving the Z3 or Z4 models all the time.  Since I don't find being called gay an insult, I wouldn't care.


Well, then you can also afford a Tesla. Which has direct transmission, solving your dilemma.

*Goes to the Tesla website*


Now please don't tell me driving an electro vehicle is unmanly because that would so totally depress me. I've been driving hybrids, retro-fitted plug-in hybrids, and pure electro vehicles for the last ~15 years.

Hey, I won't judge your masculinity for whatever car you drive (even though I don't care for the Prius because I think it's hideous).  Right now, there's a bit of a legal war on Tesla here in Murica.  IIRC, some states cannot legally sell those.  My state has a few Teslas around.  Definitely wouldn't mind owning one.  They look nice, and even Tom Leykis ones one!



In Topic: Someone explain this thing about manual transmissions to me...

14 December 2015 - 02:41 AM

You can show your masculinity more effectively by giving your lady occasional surprise treats... buy her a diamond ring or necklace, take her on a night out, take her on a surprise holiday trip, and (borrowing this one from one of Chris Rock's stand-up)- listen to her when she gossip-talks about some bitch she can't stand at work.

You can be a complete sissy fairy, yellow bellied, pansy ass mangina and still do all of those things.  If I lacked fortitude and the ability to stand on my own convictions and two feet, I wouldn't have the girlfriend I have now.  Buying her an arse heap of expensive stuff alone doesn't win respect in most cases.


Do I listen to mine?  Of course, but she knows there's certain type of small talk that I won't tolerate, and when I hear it, I shut her down.  I get more respect from her when I sound like a bit of a "brute" than when I throw money at her, but that's just me.




I'm amazed no one else has pointed this out yet, but does your girlfriend want to drive manual? I prefer manual (my only automatic experience was a rental in america) and I love to drive, but I wouldn't buy a car that my girlfriend refuses to use.

If it's my car, it's my decision to make.  If she doesn't like it, then she can get her own car.  Simple as that.



The manual superiority complex but comes from a lot of what I just described. And people in general seem to like to find whatever they can to make themselves feel better about other people. Not everybody can drive manual so it is an easy choice. Since the internet seems to be mostly about pictures of cats and finding ways to put down other people it isn't surprising that such lists exist. It is a useful skill to have though. Never know when you might have to drive somebody home or otherwise drive a strange car that isn't an auto. Being able to start your car with a dead battery is a neat trick too.

I've taught a couple of girlfriends how to drive manual. Once you show them how easy it is to get out of first the rest comes pretty naturally. It's just getting over that hump of worrying about killing the car and learning not to dump the clutch too fast.

My dad showed me the basics of how to shift and what not, but never let me drive his truck because he knew I was clumsy.  The instructions on how to shift and whatnot make sense.  I was always worried I'd put the car in the wrong gear or put it into reverse by mistake when I was younger because it seemed so easy to screw that up.  Plus I was generally discouraged from driving a manual transmission.  Lately I've just had the itch to try it because I kinda felt like I've been denied of this for a long time.




What, your dick will grow an inch or something if you drive manual?

Frankly, not even that makes you more manly either.  You can drive a stick with an 8 inch monster and still be just a pansy ass liberal sjw type who cries in a corner, claiming to be bullied over something someone said over the internet.  I respect honour and fortitude over posessions and status.