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Journal Entries

The week of awesome II - shadowisadog > Finished!

Posted 28 September 2014

Hello everyone,

Here is my completed entry: Teddystein !


I hope you all enjoy it!

I spent all weekend on it and really worked very hard to finish it.

The week of awesome II - shadowisadog > Progress

Posted 27 September 2014

Here is a potato quality video of my game so far:

I have been working on it all day and have made reasonable progress. It's going to be quite a push until the deadline, but hopefully it will go well!

The week of awesome II - shadowisadog > Resolve

Posted 26 September 2014

Hello everyone,

Quick update on the game progress so far for tonight. Work has been super busy and I have not had a lot of free time to devote to the project :(.

I thought of bowing out of the competition completely after seeing how great some of the entries look, BUT I will continue! I will do my best throughout the weekend up until the last minute to...

The week of awesome II - shadowisadog > GUI

Posted 24 September 2014

The more I work on this game the more I realize just how awesomely ridiculous it is going to be :).

The week of awesome II - shadowisadog > Making a menu

Posted 23 September 2014

Hello everyone,

I did not have a lot of time today (was really busy at work!) but I did work on the game a bit. I worked on the title screen some more and I started working on the main game menu.

Here are some in progress pictures.

Here is what my updated title screen looks like:

and here is a picture of me working on it: